Try These 5 High Vibe Practices To Add Abundance Into Your Routine

To kick this off let’s first start with what it means to vibrate at a certain frequency. Energy (you know that thing that we are made up of, that everything is made up of) is a vibration.

Our personal vibration is the collective vibration created from our thoughts, feelings, what we say, what we do, and what we believe.

The higher our vibration, the more in flow we are, the more ease and grace we experience. The higher our vibration, the closer we are to our truest self, our highest self, our enlightened self.

So high vibrational practices, which are tools, rituals, ceremonies, processes, etc (for the purpose of this article I will refer to them as practices) that support you in elevating your vibration. These are some of my favorite ways to shift my experience by shifting my vibration.

The better you feel, the higher your vibration, the more flow you experience, the more you call in that is similar to that, ie more feeling good, more flow, more all those vibes you desire – abundance, love, fulfillment, etc.

In addition to attracting more of what you desire in life, high vibration practices can support us in releasing what no longer serves us, manifesting our intended desires, and so much more.

Here are a few of my favorite high vibrational practices:

Practice: Breathwork

What it is: Breathwork is the delicious use of our breath in a directed way to elevate our vibration and feel seriously amazing. Breathwork comes in so many shapes and sizes.

Here are two of my most suggested go – tos.

4 / 7 / 8 Breath

  • Breath in for four counts
  • Suspend your breath for seven counts
  • And then breathe out for 8 counts

Do this every morning and every night for one week, then sprinkle it in as you feel like it.

This breath-work practice is calming, relaxing, and supports the release of anxiety and tension. I also love to partner intention with this, I set an intention and write it on a piece of paper in front of me. Then when I breathe in, I envision myself calling in that intention, bringing it into my physical body with the breath.

When I suspend my breath, I envision the intention taking root in my mind, body, and soul. When I release my breath, I let go of anything that might stand in the way of my desire.

Breath of Fire

  • Stick your tongue out and open your mouth wide
  • Pant like a dog breathing through your mouth
  • Lean into the rise and fall of the shoulders and chest with the pants
  • Try this for 30 seconds, then upgrade to one minute

Breath of Fire is an activation breath-work practice. I do this when I need to let go of something that is stressing or weighing on me. I also love to use this practice to get the creative juices flowing or when I’m feeling groggy or sluggish. It’s so stimulating and powerful.

Skip breath of fire if you are menstruating, pregnant, breastfeeding or have any trouble breathing.

You elevate your vibration when you focus on your breath, develop your connection to your breathing. This is a tool you always have access to.

When I am feeling low-vibe, stressed, anxious, or fixating on something that is out of my control I use breathwork to activate my energy and elevate my vibration. After a few rounds of breath-work practices, I feel clearer, open, and grateful.

I also love to use this high vibration practice before I set an intention for a new moon, jump on a client call, or before an event. When I take time to consciously elevate my vibration, everything I tend to afterward is in more alignment.


Practice: High Vibe Music / Sound Therapy

What it is: Using the power of sound to your benefit and adapting based on how your energy responds and reacts to specific types of music.

Consider trying whatever practice from this list speaks to you.

Create a manifestation playlist, put together songs that support you in feeling like you can do anything. Songs that make you feel abundant, powerful, embodied, aligned, juicy, special, and more. Play this playlist to get you in an aligned vibe before an important performance, session, talk, date, meeting, and more

Listening to 432 Hertz sounds or music created in alignment with 432 Hertz, check it out on Youtube and Spotify for a plethora of options. This specific hertz opens the heart and is very calming for the body and soul. I often put this on in the background as I’m working so I can access creative flow from a heart-centered space.

Listen to Binaural Beats to balance the hemispheres in the brain before, after, or during important work.

Listen to Delta or Theta brainwave sounds as you are trying to go to sleep to support you in dropping in easier and deeper.

Check out a shamanic drumming session on Insight Timer, drumming accesses the heart space and helps you drop in deeper and deeper.

Check out crystal singing bowls at different chakra attunements to support healing and focus on the specific chakras.

Consider the words you are singing and the way certain types of music make you feel, consciously start consuming and curating your music based on your goals. Sound is a universal language so use it to your benefit.

Want more sound therapy support? I offer a once a month free digital gathering that always includes sound therapy. You can attend live or get access to the replay. Make sure you are on the email list for rsvp options.


Practice: Mudra & Mantra

What is it: Mudra is the use of specific hand gestures that communicate with the mind, body, and soul. Mantra work is using the same sounds or words to help the mind, body, and soul achieve a desired state with ease and grace.

Here is a very easy and powerful mudra and mantra pair that I love to work with.

SA TA NA MA is a mantra known for increasing all aspects of cognitive function, (perception, thinking, reasoning and remembering) and reducing stress levels while improving short term memory.

SA is birth, the beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is, or will be.

TA is life, existence, and creativity which manifests from infinity.

NA is death, change, and the transformation of consciousness.

MA is rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.

1st position – start by pressing the thumb and pointer finger together, this mudra is paired with the mantra SA

2nd position – move to pressing the thumb and middle finger together, this mudra is paired with the mantra TA

3rd position – move to pressing the thumb and ring finger together, this mudra is paired with the mantra NA

4th position – move to pressing the thumb and pinky finger together, this mudra is paired with the mantra MA

This progression speaks to the ever-flowing process of life and being, represented from birth to life to death and bath to rebirth. I recite this mantra with partnered mudra 107 times, SA TA NA MA being one and continuing on for 107.

Using mudras and mantras gives the mind something to focus on and often allows you to bypass the “difficult” part of dropping in – providing the space for growth, expansion, and divine downloads.



Practice: Cacao Ceremonies

What it is: Working with the powerful plant medicine cacao in a personal or group ceremony. This is a heart-opening practice and supports me in showing up from a vibration of love.

Keith’s Cacao is 100% pure, ceremonical grade cacao that is meant to enhance focus and communication without the crash you’d get with coffee. 

This powerful plant medicine/superfood has many benefits and can help with productivity, spiritual connection and creativity.

I will often make a cup of cacao for myself before a deep mediation experience, journaling session, goal setting or manifestation practice, when I am in need of releasing something, when I am asking for a divine download, or when I just need to recharge.

drinking cacao

My cacao recipe

  • About two heaping tablespoons of Keith’s cacao
  • One cup or mug’s worth of nondairy milk (I like almond and oat milk best)
  • Add a smidge of sweeter (monkfruit or honey for me)
  • A sprinkle of pink Himalyian sea salt
  • A small bit of grass-fed organic free-range butter
  • Frequent additions to my cacao
  • Maca for grounding
  • Cinnamon for cleansing and clearing
  • Cayenne for activation
  • Rose tea for additional heart and love support
  • Lavender for calming and relaxing
  • Mushroom support based on the intended support ((chaga, lions mane, reishi))

Keith’s cacao is my absolute favorite brand of cacao. I personally work with Keith’s cacao for my own ceremonies as well as hosting private and group cacao ceremonies. Open your heart, access your magic, and connect with yourself!  Use OURandARE20US20 for a special discount.

High vibrational practices come in many shapes and sizes, there are so many not listed here and also you are not limited to what someone identifies as a high vibrational practice, because it is so specific to each of us. To be a high vibrational practice, it has to support you in achieving an elevated vibration. So test these and many more out and find the practices that really work for you.

The purpose of these practices is to pair them with your desires, goals, dreams, and mindset shifts so you can see expedited results. When you desire something and partner it with a high vibration practice, you draw it to your with more ease and grace.

Your goals and dreams become reality when you set your intention, believe you can have it, then use a high vibration practice to elevate your feelings as you become an energetic match for your dreams, then take your inspired actions (often provided to your within your high vibration practice). Support your mindset shifts with high vibes and watch them become habits quicker and last longer.

Have questions about high vibration practices or something else spiritual wellness? Connect with me in the private Our & Are Facebook group.

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