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How To Plan Themed Work Days For Productivity with Girl Gang Craft Founder

I’m Phoebe! I’m the founder, designer, podcast host + funny video maker over at Girl Gang Craft, a community for creatives. GGC began when I was looking for affordable + fun places to sell her work, so I created my own craft fair.

Now GGC is a multifaceted community with a podcast, apparel line, classes + courses, a membership, and craft fairs in Oakland, CA + Salem, MA.

I integrate my seven years of yoga teaching experience with my foundation of intersectional feminism and creativity into my work as a business owner. My mindfulness practice can be experienced in how I manage projects and my team, and I hope I integrate into my teachings! When I’m not working you can find me exploring outside, thrifting, or drinking iced coffee. 

What does a typical week in your life look like?

I do A LOT in a typical week. I’m teaching classes, packing orders, preparing for launches, meeting with my team, designing new products, sending emails, working with partners, filming content, designing graphics, and I hope to go outside once a day. 

When do you plan your weeks?

I’m a Virgo! And also get easily distracted. So having a plan is crucial to my success. Planning my week was revolutionized when I implemented two separate things: one-throwing away my to-do list and scheduling instead, and two-theming my days. The to-do list is literally never done, right?

And that makes us feel SO shitty when we get to the end of the day and we haven’t completed our tasks, and if the to-do list always exists, you’re always going to feel that you’re not doing enough, and F THAT! So instead, schedule your tasks.

Pick a few things a day that YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO. That way each day you can feel accomplished. Need to plan a doctor’s appt, put it on your cal, need to write that blog? Put it on your cal. Your cal becomes your to-do list.

Secondly, I started theming my days.

  • Monday is CEO Day (planning my week, having a clear vision of what is coming)
  • Tuesday is Internal Day (meetings with my team and whatever I need to do for them)
  • Wednesday is Content Day (planning + filming videos, designing graphics, writing)
  • Thursday is Community Day (Podcasts, Partnership work, Coaching)
  • Friday is Financial + Overflow day (accounting, + whatever else I didn’t complete during the week) 

By having themed days it is easier for me to plan and schedule, and I stay in the flow better, instead of getting sidetracked switching tasks or having decision paralysis and not knowing what to do.

Obviously, some things get a little switched around sometimes, and that is ok, but I generally try to stay on theme as much as I can. 

When I say these 2 concepts CHANGED MY LIFE I am not joking!

What systems do you use to plan your week and why?

I use Google cal to plan my weeks (and life!) and use Asana with my team so they know what’s happening as well. 

Attached is a pic of an example week. I care less about the hours/time for non-meetings, and more use each day as a bulletin board for my day. I turn each task GREEN once it is done. 

Try themed days! And throw away your to-do list! Most importantly, come to your desk with a plan! (Otherwise, you’ll just scroll social media, let’s be real)

For more tips, you can check out our podcast! Or grab one of our free resources.

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