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Feeling Unmotivated? How To Start Showing Up As The Person You Want To Become

I’ve been unmotivated. I’ve been down on myself. And I’ve had myself a pity party. But it brought me to a point of realization. Possibly a place I needed to hit before reaching my new potential.

This season in life brought up some very important questions that I’ve started committing myself to:  Who do I want to be showing up in 3, 6, 12 months from now? How do I want to feel? What does the future life of Mel look like? (lol “Life of Mel” – new Disney special).

I took these questions and started to break it down, simplify, and create action. I then asked myself the more tangible questions:

  • What does it take to get there?
  • Is it cutting out a negative aspect of your life?
  • Is it educating myself?
  • Prioritizing specific aspects of my life?
  • Owning up to my actions?

I’ve been actively trying to reroute and rewire my habits for the greater good of my future self. This doesn’t mean not to enjoy – but it means to stay disciplined and weigh out my priorities for the sake of my dreams.

I got to a point a few weeks back where I was becoming disappointed in myself. Not in a poor me, pity party aspect (though there were EMOTIONAL moments). It was a wave of passion for the life I want to be living. The person I deserve to be showing up as.

So I took to my journal as I usually do when we’ve hit a moment of crisis :’) and wrote out all the ways I can start showing up for myself in a more positive way. I made a schedule for myself, created some broken down goals to keep my motivation along the way, and started implementing the day to day things that will create the future change.

Some of the things I’m prioritizing are

  • Not mindlessly scrolling – keeping intention with social media
  • Honoring my sleep schedule – 7-8 hours of sleep a night and trying my best to get to bed / wake up around the same time to help my circadian rhythm
  • Reading 10 pages a day. this may not seem like a crazy feat but let me tell you… Ya girl HATES reading. It’s something I know I should prioritize but never do. I started with literally 2 pages on the first day. the next, I got a little more into the book and went over 10. It just shows that if you show up and start, it will get easier.
  • Reaching out to at least 1 person that I could either do work for or collaborate with in some way every week.
  • Fresh air in the morning with a 10-15 minute walk. Again – it doesn’t seem like much but when I don’t have a moment to myself to start the day – watch out. She’s an anxious mess that literally hits the to-do list like the Tasmanian devil. (no that’s not an exaggeration and I’m laughing at the image I’ve drawn out there hahah)
  • 5x 30min+ workouts a week! I’m not committing to anything crazy, but I am committing 30 minutes. I know how much better it makes me feel and in the long run, it’ll pay off to show up for 30 minutes a day.

Looking at the bigger goal can be daunting and anxiety-provoking (if I’m being honest) — but breaking the goals down to a tangible task that you can focus on each day has the ability to change your life. It may not seem like a huge feat getting through one day.. But 360 days?

You’re going to look and feel like a whole new person.

So I continue to remind myself when the lack of motivation hits – with consistency, momentum will come. There’s been good months, bad months, and emotional months, but no matter what – If I keep trying my best to show up as the person I strive to be in the future, we’re moving forward.

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