Sleep Coaching: The Coach You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sleep. We all need it. And most of us want more of it. 

If you live for encouragement, support and a personalized plan that will help you reach your goals, then just like hiring a trainer at the gym, you may benefit from a sleep coach.

A what? Yes, a sleep coach. Let me say more.  

If you’re a parent or know any new parents you may have heard the term “sleep training”. It’s a process of teaching bebe to sleep in independently. I know what you’re thinking and advise it’s not just “let them cry it out”, or “hold them until they fall asleep”, there are many different ways to sleep train. 

As a WeeSleep coach, the approach I use is a signature 10 day program, that is gentle and supportive. I offer tools, guidance and encouragement you need to feel confident with the process of helping your child to learn to sleep, solo dolo. 

Ok so, you’re a new parent and you’re excited to read more about having your baby sleep through the night, rad. 

Fam without kids, keep reading, because this info if for you too.  Regardless of if you’re a parent or not, sleep is important and having a routine is key which is why I’m sharing my top tips to sleep well.

I believe in asking the people who have what you want, about the advice you need. And if you have knowledge to share, do it. While these tips are what I commonly share with my baby and toddler sleep clients, they 100% apply to adults.  

Regardless of if you’re a parent or not, it’s my hope that you’ll find this tips beneficial to sleep well rested. 

My top three sleep tips for a good night’s sleep:

1. Get yourself to bed early, baby.

Going to sleep when you have enough sleep pressure for a long sleep (aka you’ve been up enough daytime hours for you) but aren’t overtired is your sleep sweet spot. Hit that spot and you’ll doze off with ease. For kiddos, a 7pm bedtime is ideal. For adults, 8-9hrs before you need to wake up is your goal. But that brings me to #2….

2. Routine is the holy grail of basically anything.

As humans, we love consistency. Having the same routine every night prepares your body for rest. Start your routine 20-30 mins before your bedtime and aim to go to bed around the same time each night. Every night, give yourself a little wind down routine. Like this: 

    1. Have a bath 
    2. Put on your PJs
    3. Brush your teeth
    4. Read a book
    5. Lights out, night night 

3. Keep it dark, keep it cool.

To support your body’s natural rhythm, you want your room nice and dark and cool. Ever been to Vegas and taken a mid-day nap with the AC on and blackout blinds closed and woke HOURS later? That’s the power of a sleep friendly environment.  No, it wasn’t the shots at the pool party. It was the environment. Alcohol is actually pretty disruptive to sleep. #facts 

Give yourself some time, it’s taken you 20, 30, 40 years to learn the sleep habits you have now so it may take time to get into a new habit, but stay with it and know sleep is on the other side of any struggle you may feel to start. 

Just like that trainer at the gym, the best way to sleep train (yourself or your baby) is the one you’re going to do. 

I encourage you to get curious to find a plan that works for you.

If you want to learn more about sleep find me here or want to hire a sleep coach for your children (hint: the gift of sleep makes a great baby shower prezzy), book a free 15 min call with me.

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