How I Practice A Weekly Recommitment Ritual For My Goals

How are you starting the week? Do you end the weekend with Sunday Scaries? Or is your approach to the week ahead one of the Monday Motivation variety?

I’m going to take a guess and say that most of us fall in the first category, at least some of the time. 

That’s why a recommitment ritual can add so much value to the start of your week. We’re human and we need to recommit to our mission and values regularly. We can’t expect ourselves to feel motivated all the time.

It’s too easy to get distracted or feel uninspired for lengthy periods of time. Suddenly, we haven’t kept our promises to ourselves and we’re not feeling our best – and we can’t even remember what threw us off course or when it happened.

So, how can we make sure we’re recommitting to ourselves, and what does a recommitment ritual even look like?

The way I like to practice recommitment is through a weekly review meeting with myself every Sunday evening.

Set the scene

Do you have a space for yourself that feels inspiring? Either go outside in nature and find a place to write, or clear your desk space, so that you can feel more motivated.

Create a consistent meeting time

This meeting with yourself is just as important as your meetings with others. I’d argue that it’s even more important. Choose to take this meeting seriously, and keep your commitment to your recommitment practice. ;) It’s a way to show yourself that you take yourself seriously enough to keep this practice sacred. 

Sunday or Monday are the most ideal times for this weekly review meeting, because they help you start the week feeling set up for success for the week ahead.

Review the week

Okay, once you’ve set the place and time, it’s time to start writing.

I ask myself three questions each week, as it relates to both my personal life and business.

  1. What went well last week?
  2. What didn’t go well?
  3. What would I like to do differently in this week ahead?

Look over your goals

After asking myself the three review questions, I’ll look over my goals and see how I feel about them.

  • Am I on track to accomplishing them?
  • What should I be focusing on right now?
  • Are there any goals that I need to press pause on, while focusing on something more important?
  • How is my balance lately?

These are important questions to help me figure out if I’m living my life as intentionally as I want to be. 

Create a gratitude and self-love list

If looking over your goals isn’t inspiring you, it’s time to take your practice up a level. Create a gratitude list of everything that you love about your life. On the next page, create a self-love list with all the qualities that you love about yourself. Keep going until you’re feeling worthy, and like you’re enough as you are. 

This feeling of unworthiness can stop us in our tracks when it comes to accomplishing our goals. And as cheesy as it sounds, writing down the things we love about ourselves and the lives we lead, can help us remember how capable we are of accomplishing hard things.

Take time to brainstorm

Next, I brainstorm what I want to accomplish for the week in the different areas of my life.

I think about the following things:

  • Business: How will I approach my business this week?
  • Fitness: How will I move this week?
  • Nutrition: What will I eat this week?
  • Self-care & Mindset: How will I stay grounded and happy this week?
  • Family, Friends & Partner: How can I show up for the people I love this week?

I spend most of my time thinking about my business, because I consider this time a business meeting as well. But I also take the time to be intentional about the week ahead. What do I want to act like? How do I want to present myself? Is there anyone I should call or reach out to that I haven’t lately?

Schedule the tasks

Outline what you want to accomplish that week, and put it in your calendar. Figure out how you want to batch and complete your tasks this week. How will you make time for the new tasks that align with your goals? It’s important to fit it into your schedule, in a way that feels doable for you.


Lastly, visualize how you will approach the week ahead. Picture yourself tackling the week like a boss. You can even end this practice with a meditation that gets you feeling motivated for the week ahead. I recommend apps like Insight Timer. 


This is your recommitment practice, so create a process that leaves you wanting to do it again and again each week.

Do you have a recommitment practice? What do you do to prepare for the week ahead?

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