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What Planner To Buy Next Based On Your Enneagram Type

Would you describe yourself as a Type A planner with a list for everything? Are aesthetic planning tools more important than function, or is efficiency your top priority? Does all of this make you yawn and you’d rather skip the planning altogether?

It might have something to do with your enneagram type.

I believe our enneagram numbers (take the test for free here if you don’t know yours) plays a role in our preferred planning style, so let’s dig in and see what your enneagram type says about what planner is the best fit for you.

Type One – The Day Designer*

Type ones like a good plan. The best thing for ones to remember when planning is to leave a little room for flexibility. Nothing is going to go 100% to plan. Make plan B and C, and if all else fails, remember that the one thing you can control is your attitude. Don’t let failed plans ruin a good time, and try not to take it all too seriously. The Day Designer is great for the type ones, because they have a spot for all their daily essentials: dinner plans, top 3 to-dos, goal-setting worksheets, and daily scheduling sections from 5am-9pm. 

Type Two – The Passion Planner

Type twos are helpers, so they typically do best when someone else is coming up with the details, and they’ll take action based on where their acts of service are most needed. When it comes to planning their own projects, they struggle a little. That’s why the Passion Planner is the perfect fit for twos. The planner has a section to document all the good things that have happened, daily and weekly focuses, personal and work to-do lists, and you can create your own passion roadmap. While twos aren’t thinking of themselves first, the passion roadmap can help them visualize completing their personal goals.

Type Three – Daily Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

Success-oriented threes love the action part of planning, and don’t get as caught up in the perfection of it all. Done is better than perfect is something they’ve long believed to be true. They’ll still do a fantastic job –– but there needs to be an end date that they can check off to mark as complete and if that means delegating to ensure they complete the tasks, they’re all about it.

The Daily Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is all they need – a timeline for meetings and a to-do list to check off and feel accomplished. There’s nothing better to threes than checking off an item on their to-do list.

Type Four – Daily Planner by Lavendaire

Emotionally-led fours will struggle some with planning consistency, but thrive when they’re in their creative energy. They’re more of the visionary than the nitty gritty details person. And visuals play a big role in finding a quality planner. They might be likely to go through a variety of planners with time in-between without them. The best kind of planner for them is one that allows them to dream. The Daily Planner by the YouTuber Lavendaire, with the Artist of Life Workbook as a sidekick, gives you the option to get super detailed about what you want in your life. Fours might appreciate the Artist of Life Workbook as a sidekick to the planner to dreamily plan for the new year.

Type Five – Unbound Planner*

Type fives can be led to think about the future very logically. It’s more difficult for fives to think emotionally about the future, and tend to weigh pros and cons from a very logical perspective. The Unbound planner, who we’ve collaborated with for years now, is a great tool for fives. Fives can use the Unbound Planner to create detailed action plans for their goals, layout their days by the hour (and plan for time alone to refuel their energy) and track their habits.

Type Six – Erin Condren LifePlanner

Is something wrong? Type sixes sense it. Type sixes will be prepared for everything that can go wrong, which means they’re the go-to person when you’ve forgotten something. They like to plan ahead, and know what they’re getting into so they can feel more prepared.

Erin Condren planners are the choice planner for several sixes that I know. You can customize with interchangeable covers, and plan ahead with weekly, monthly and yearly planning.

Type Seven – The Positive Planner

Somewhat scattered, sevens can have trouble with planners and keeping track of all the ideas in their heads. They prefer to do things on a whim and make decisions quickly. Not all their plans come out perfectly, but they’ll definitely inspire people to make their ideas come to life. They can sell practically anyone on anything –– because their passion is evident in all that they do. The Positive Planner is perfect for sevens, because they like for things to stay light. It includes quotes and affirmations, mood tracking, mindfulness activities and more.

Type Eight – Productivity Planner

Type eights are all about making plans come to life and aren’t afraid of the hustle that comes with it. They love a good plan, and execute well. That’s why keeping track of it all with the Productivity Planner from Intelligent Change is the way to go for eights. This planner helps you stay focused on your most important tasks, avoid distractions and focus on quality over quantity.

Type Nine –  52-Week Happiness Planner

Type nines tend to like to go with the flow. You can expect them to be cool doing almost anything –– but they’re not likely to do a detailed itinerary. A weekly planner is perfect for nines. Daily planning isn’t necessary for nines, who like to keep it light and flowy. The 52-week planner gives you weekly reflection prompts, goal-setting and reflection sections.

*We’ve included affiliate links in this post, which means we’ll receive a small percentage if you decide to purchase. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

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