25 Personal Growth Goals To Prioritize In Your Twenties

So, we talk a lot about #goals here. And if you’re anything like me, you probably have way too many random goals that you decide for a minute that you want to achieve. “I’d like to own a house on the beach and maybe even have a little farm.” Goals of that nature come out of my mouth way more than I’d like to admit. I’m a dreamer-type. So, for me, coming up with goals isn’t so much the problem. It’s the narrowing down and going after them that takes a bit of effort. When we’re in our twenties, we have to start prioritizing our goals. We need to get real with ourselves, figure out what we want the most, and go after it.

I wanted to make a list of goals that I believe would be incredibly valuable goal ideas for twenty-somethings and maybe one or two of them will really speak to you – maybe they all will. But I challenge you to think more about intentionally about what you want to achieve and how you can get there. We’re capable of achieving more than we can imagine, but we need to create a path for ourselves.

Volunteer abroad (or locally)

One of my biggest goals in the next couple years is to volunteer in a third world country. I feel like it would be a challenging and important experience. I think it’s important that we contribute. I recognize how privileged I am and I believe that means that I need to spend significant time and money giving back to those who aren’t.

Create/join a community

The ultimate goal for me as a millennial is to have a business and use it for the greater good. And I imagine it is for some of you as well. I want to inspire and help. It may end up taking different forms throughout our lives, but I believe that creating (or joining) a community of like-minded people is a lovely goal for your twenties.

Go 30 days without complaining

I have to tell you that I’ve had this on my list of things to do for what feels like a century. And yet, it’s still there. Complaining used to be (and still sometimes is) my go-to conversation starter. Sad right? I don’t think I’m alone in that. It’s almost like a form of instant-bonding – sharing negativity. But it’s not productive or colorful conversation and I’d like to set a goal of no complaining every day. Let’s start with 30 days shall we? Or one at a time. Join me.

Teach someone something 

It makes me feel alive to teach someone something. That moment that you see it click for them is everything. Whether it’s teaching someone to ride a bike or learn a math problem, that feeling is a keeper.

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Learn to cook new meals

When I was living back at home with my parents, my mom and I started cooking new meals every Sunday. It was a bit overwhelming, because neither of us are too savvy in the kitchen. But I would say that it was a nice experience to play around with different recipes. It’s great to be able to cook a few solid dishes in the kitchen, even if it’s not really your thing.

Become an expert in something

It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, according to Malcolm Gladwell. I haven’t really discovered “my thing” in terms of expertise, but I like to play around in areas that I’m interested in. If you have a thing or are playing around like me, why not try to become an expert? Learn everything you can. Follow your curiosity and see if it leads you to expert, gold status.

Find a sport/physical activity you truly enjoy

I recently discovered a love for yoga. I’ve been on a mission to find a workout that I enjoy and I think I have finally done it! If it hasn’t happened for you, do some searching. Go to a boxing class, a cycling class, a yoga class, and see if any of them stick. If you dread it before going, it’s probably not going to last anyway. It’s so much better to enjoy it and it is possible to enjoy something fitnessy.

Get immersed in spirituality

While I’m getting more connected with my faith, I’m realizing the sheer importance of it. Whatever you choose to believe in, believe in something. Making the decision to truly believe in something beyond myself is the most important thing I’ve ever done. It makes me feel more confident, loved, and connected in my daily life. It takes practice and studying and I’m still a beginner in diving into my religion. But the point is that you choose to immerse yourself and you decide to spend time on it.

Take the time to learn as much as possible about yourself

These past couple of years have been nonstop self-discovery. I have read numerous books, listened to endless podcasts, and have taken the time to get to know myself. It’s an ongoing process that I don’t think will ever have reach a deadline. It’s a goal that will continue to take new shapes in the future, but it’s a valuable one to have. We’re complex creatures and it’s beneficial to spend time studying ourselves.

Budget wisely

It’s challenging to budget, but it’s amazing when you do. I try not to have a limiting mindset when I think of budgeting and saving. I try to think about how much more value the money I save will bring for me. Try to think about the beautiful future you will have from your savings account instead of thinking about the limits it brings you. You will be amazed at how that mindset change makes you feel about it.

Adapt a minimalist lifestyle 

It doesn’t have to be the kind of minimalism that you see on Pinterest. Be intentional with your purchases and your belongings. Why waste your space with belongings you don’t love? Make it a goal to minimize where you can and live a simpler, more fulfilling life.

Figure out a cause you care about

I’ve been on a mission recently to find a cause that I’m passionate about. I think it’s best to feel really connected to a cause, because when you’re more connected to it, the more motivated you are to make a difference there. If you don’t know what cause that is yet, it’s okay! Just keep doing research until you find something you like. And don’t be afraid to try a couple volunteer programs in the meantime.

Walk more often, if your situation allows for it – sell your car

Choose to take the stairs and walk more where you can. If you live in a walkable city, choose to walk! Selling my car doesn’t work for me in my current situation, because I do a lot of commuting but if it’s doable for you, do it! Less money wasted on car payments, less damage to the environment, and more physical activity. Win-win-win!

Take that trip you’ve been talking about

Make it a goal to book a flight somewhere on a whim. If you talk about traveling, find a way to make it happen. It is possible to do on any budget!

Learn a new language

I’m learning Spanish on Duolingo and it is such a fun experience. I think learning a new language is highly challenging but it makes your brain work. If you’re learning on Duolingo like me, try to go beyond the app. It’s rather difficult to learn a language if you aren’t utilizing it. Find friends online who speak the language or read a book in the language you are studying. Really commit yourself to it.

Get your work published

If you’re a creative, make a goal to get your work out there into the world. You don’t have to make money from your craft, but maybe you can post a picture of your drawings on Instagram. Or write a blog post for an online magazine (we accept guest posts!) It’s so rewarding to get your work out there to people. If you’ve been hesitant, this is a gentle nudge to get going!

Adopt a pet

Learn how to take care of something beyond yourself. I’m not saying that we should all get pets, but I believe that if you feel you’re ready, you should! Taking care of something that is your own is a magical experience and one that I hope to do soon!

Minimize the toxic beauty products you own

Do your research on toxic products and go natural where you can. Here’s our guide for avoiding toxic beauty products.

Go vegetarian or vegan for a month 

There are so many perks of going vegan! You can help the environment, improve your health, and help save the animals.

Write a bucket list and plan to cross out 2 of them in 30 days

Write a massive bucket list of all the things you’d like to do in your lifetime. A lot of them might be unachievable RIGHT NOW, but challenge yourself to plan and do some of them in the next month. Stop putting your life off and start living it now.

Travel somewhere solo

Have you ever traveled solo? The confidence you gain from traveling and counting on yourself in a new city or country is tremendous.

Save half a year’s salary

You never know what could happen and it’s always good to have six months worth of money in your bank account. Consider it your emergency fund. It’ll take the stress off if you decide you want to quit your job or travel for awhile. Give yourself some room to be spontaneous in the future.

Build lasting friendships

Even if it’s online friends. Make an effort to actually meet up in person. Put some energy into friendships and don’t take them for granted. Remember: the grass is green where you water it. Relationships are huge in determining our happiness levels and I think we ought to appreciate our friendships more. If you’re lacking in friends, join some groups and put yourself out there.

Sign up for a class that you would never ordinarily go to

I believe the easiest way to get some instant personal growth added to your life is by doing something new that you’ve never even thought you’d be able to do. Whether it’s taking a surf lesson or going to a pottery class, open yourself up to something completely foreign to you. Bring a friend along or go solo. Either way, open yourself up to new experiences.

Discover and live by your values

Learn how to say no to things that don’t fit with your core values. If you’re lost on what your values are, think about the non-negotiables in your current life and what you picture for your future. If you never plan to live more than 60 miles from your family, that’s a value that you need to consider when making career decisions. Decide the most important things to you and don’t sway on them.

Our twenties are a time to explore and pursue our interests and develop our true identities. We need goals that align with our values and ignite our spirits. Let’s conquer our goals while we enjoy these amazing years of our lives, shall we?

Tell us one goal that you hope to accomplish by the end of the year in the comments below. 

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