8 Inspiring Print Magazines for Personal Growth

Is print dead? A lot of people will argue yes. And, with some of our favorite print publications going completely digital like Darling, we know that with the cost of creating them, it’s hard to keep them alive.

But with all things digital these days, I stand by the fact that there’s something so special about holding a print copy of a beautifully crafted magazine. This feels especially true when you add magazines into your self-care practice and use personal growth reads to inspire you to work on yourself. 

We’re inspired by print magazines that feel like something you can collect, treasure and keep on your coffee table for months. Sure, they tend to be a little pricier than we’re used to paying for magazines, but they’re high quality and we can flip through them again and again. We can think of them more as an investment… Right?

Here are the eight print magazines we’ve been loving lately, because they inspire us to become our best selves, whether it’s through harnessing our inner creativity, giving us new ideas, or providing us with bite sized nutrition tips and simple recipes.



Brooke Saxon-Spencer founded this quarterly magazine for creativity, community and entrepreneurship, with the goal of making women feel like they belong. The magazine is filled with resources on blogging, conferences, networking and more. You can find it in your Barnes and Noble, or purchase from them directly. If you’re a woman in business, you might find Belong to be a useful, beautiful magazine that inspires you to get sh*t done.

Bella Grace

Bella Grace was created with the belief that, “an ordinary life can be extraordinary, there is beauty in imperfection, and that magic can be found in the everyday.” This is something we can 1000% get behind. Every issue is sprinkled with little lists that help you embrace slow living and cozy feels. It’s basically half workbook, half magazine. And it really feels like our best friends created it.


Thoughtfully is a wellness and self-care magazine that believes in living intentionally. Plan on getting inspired and feeling ready to take on the world when you read an issue. Find it in Whole Foods, Sprouts, natural grocers, Barnes and Noble and Anthropologie. Get digital versions for $5.

Project Calm

Calm Moment, the creators of Project Calm, have a few print magazines. My personal favorite, Project Calm, is filled with ideas for mindfulness projects, like creating an illustrated gratitude box and creative prompts. You get paper gifts and pull outs with each issue. It’ll leave you feeling refreshed and creative.



Every time I’m at Barnes and Noble, I find myself drawn to Flow. It’s a Dutch mindfulness magazine for paper lovers. They have pieces on 24 hours alone in nature, embracing your inner cat/plant lady and how to make your own self-help booklet. Flow always feels like an experience, because they have a little section where you can tear out paper. And their illustrations can’t be topped.

Mantra Wellness

If you’re into nutrition, plant-based food, green living, yoga and all things mindfulness, Mantra Wellness Magazine is the pick for you. You’ll see it just about everywhere you can find magazines.

Real Simple

Real Simple is the best of the non-indie magazines for simple living that you can find anywhere. They focus on home decor, food, style and lifestyle. I like that the mission is to make life simpler. I’m all about simplifying my life where I can, and I think this magazine does a good job at making their lifestyle content feel attainable, while offering new ideas.


Happinez is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine from Germany, but translated and available in more than 20 countries. As you might’ve gathered by the name, it’s about happiness, self-improvement and spirituality. In the ‘From The Heart’ issue, you can find articles on moon signs, opening your third eye and ‘heartful’ living skills.

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Are you still reading any print publications? If so, let us know what your favorites are.

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