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How To Take Inspired Action And Make It Consistent

I’d consider myself an “inspired action taker” – meaning that I take action fast when I feel like it. When I feel it’s right, I’m going full-speed ahead. I can craft multiple blog posts, launch a course, clean an entire apartment, and go-go-go when I’m in inspired-mode.

The problem? It definitely doesn’t happen every day – and sometimes there’s a full week or more without feeling inspired.

As much as it sounds cool to be an inspired action taker, it’s definitely a hard one to stay consistent, because “I don’t feel like it” can easily become your mantra if you let it be. 

When you’re an inspired-action taker, and you’re not in the mood – it’s hard to push yourself to do something. I’m a 4 on the enneagram, which means that I’m all about the feelings. And that makes me creative, intuitive and when I’m on – it’s fire. But when I’m not, it’s challenging for me to take action.

I truly believe taking inspired action is the best route – when you find a way to sustain it. So how do we stay consistent and disciplined, while still feeling creative and tapped in? I don’t want to feel like I’m “forcing” myself to do something – and I’ve learned some tricks on how to get “tuned in, tapped in, turned on” as Abraham Hicks likes to say.

Because when your WHY is strong enough and you’re centered in yourself – there’s no need to hustle or force yourself into action. But, you do need to take action sometimes in order to gain momentum – and get motivated.

So, here’s how I do it in a feminine, non-aggressive way.

Set your routine up to inspire you

I know, I know. I’m sick of hearing the importance of a routine too – but here’s the thing – not all routines are productive for getting into inspired action. And there are some powerful shifts you can make to have your mornings be more intentional – so that you are constantly feeling good.

Inspired action rituals for an intentional day:

1. Craft phone-free time for the first and last hour

Waking up and going straight to your phone is a total zapper of energy.

Aim for the first hour of your morning to be without looking at your phone. I listen to a podcast on my walk, but I try to make sure I’m just going to my podcast app and don’t check any of the activity on my apps.

And better yet, plan what you’ll listen to ahead of time so that you’re excited to get inspired by it in the morning.

2. Move

Again, we’ve all heard it a million times, but if you’re an evening workout gal – which I currently am – find some way to get movement in at the start of your day too.

Whether that’s stretching, a little yoga session, a 30-minute walk outside, a workout class/gym session, or a quick at-home HIIT workout. It doesn’t have to be lengthy but it’s so powerful to have more energy, better mood, and focus.

A 2019 study from British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that morning exercise led to better cognition throughout the day – especially when the participants also took breaks throughout the day.

3. Create a scripting practice

This law-of-attraction practice is about writing about your life or day the way you want it to play out. Act as if it’s already happening and you already have everything you want. Paint the picture, visualize, feel the feelings.

Because at the end of the day, if we FEEL we’re living our best life, we will act and attract that life for ourselves.

4. Don’t listen to work-related or heavy content until the afternoon

This might be a little niche, depending on what you consume regularly, but it’s been an important one for me. I love learning about new ways to grow my business – and can get really caught up in consuming too much content. It’s been helpful for me to stay away from business or heavy content (like the news) until the afternoon.

I don’t consume it first thing in the morning or at the end of my day. While I’m always learning and growing, it’s important to me that I also have a designated time where I can decompress. And this has been a game-changer for avoiding fatigue and staying in a positive, growth mindset.

5. Batch-work when you’re in inspired action mode

Work with what you’ve got! If you’re inspired, batch work so that you can have content prepared in advance for the days that you’re not as inspired. Create multiple blog posts in one day – or plan your social feed when you’re in the mood. There will always be days you’re more productive than others, so why not capitalize on that and make the most of them?

6. Be mindful of your capacity on inspired days

One of the quickest ways to fall out of these states is to go too hard one day and exhaust yourself. This is something I’m prone to doing often. I’ll be super inspired one day, work-work-work, and feel so good about my hustle that day.

And then, the very next day, I feel depleted. So, I try to make sure that even on my inspired days, I’m taking time for myself – and keeping that first hour and last hour of my day to refuel.

7. Have a go-to motivational video or book to read daily

I have been starting and ending my day by reading something motivational, and it helps a lot to get into a better mindset quickly. Choose a devotional or a book that’s broken into sub-sections, so you can read a quick page or paragraph.

Some of my favorite morning & night reads:

8. Write and read your vision statement or goals

Why are you working so hard for what you’re doing? What is the purpose?

We get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget sometimes why we’re even working so hard in the first place. And here’s the thing. If your WHY is to get to some frivolous goal that doesn’t mean anything – try setting more vision-aligned goals.

We’re all about finding happiness and purpose where we are NOW, not catching that disease of “I’ll be happy when” because that sh*t is contagious – and has no business in our purposeful living.

Write or read your vision statement and goals down – and soak it all in. Feel the feeling of living in abundance.

9. Plan the day the night before

So if we’re similar, which I’m imagining we are if you’re still reading this, then I’m guessing you don’t LOVE planning your entire week in advance. Because things change and you might not feel like it!

And if you do create a plan in advance, you likely don’t stick to the schedule. That’s definitely the case for me, but having a general game plan for the day helps me to stay on track.

That way, I’m not just floundering around trying to figure out what to focus on.

What I like to do is write out my goals for the week ahead of time – and then create my top tasks for the next day, and an overall time block of when I’m going to get them done.

I don’t always stick to it, because sometimes inspired action will strike – but it helps me have a foundation for the day.

10. Remember these important truths

Most of the time, it’s a mindset issue that blocks us from taking action. We’re either feeling overwhelmed with our to-do list, we’re feeling fear, or we’re stuck in our heads about something. And one thing that helps me get out of this mode is to remember a couple of truths. 

  • Starting is the hardest part. And once I get going, I often find my way to motivation and momentum. Remembering this is so helpful.
  • It’s okay to take the extra time to get in an aligned state, whether that’s meditating, journaling, or going outside to get some fresh air. It’s worth the break if you can get back into an aligned state. If you start work a little later, but you’re able to actually be focused – isn’t that worth it?
  • Come back to yourself. Remember that you are not a robot – and that you are worthy despite how you perform. You’re worth taking time for – and YOU will always be your best investment.

Have you tried utilizing inspired action to create? 

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