How To Work With The 5 Laws Of The Universe

Many of us have heard about the Law of Attraction but have you heard about some of the other Laws of the Universe? More importantly, have you learned to take the law and integrate the premise into your life?

Let’s talk about the Five Laws of the Universe and how to work with them instead of butting up against them.

Just like learning the law of gravity when you were younger, once you understand and learn to work with it, life moves along a bit smoother.

1. The Law of Oneness

This law states that we are all connected to one source.

We are all a part of one universal flow of energy, so everything that we each do affects the entire consciousness. We are each contributing to the collective consciousness at all moments.

What does this mean for us?

This means that what we do ripples out, that our actions have an effect on not only on others but on the entire system as a whole. This is powerful when thinking about our individual efforts and collective efforts. Want to make change in the world? You are at every moment!

So when you realign to your truth, release that which no longer serves you, go for your dreams, support others, every single effort supports the elevation of the collective vibration.

Consider this, if you are contributing to the collective vibration then it does you a service and the entire planet a service for you to be in alignment, fulfilled, happy, and vibrating at a high frequency.

I look to this law when I know I have to prioritize myself. When I feel the limiting belief that self-care is selfish, I remind myself that I am part of one source. We are all connected!

When I integrate this belief into my mind, body, and energy I realize that taking care of myself helps the collective. What I do for my own mind, body, and soul ripples out into the world. This has become one of the quickest and easiest ways to shift my limiting belief. I realign to what feels good in my own being and follow that path with confidence.

2. The Law of Gender

This law states that there are complementary energies in all things. Often characterized as feminine and masculine, this law helps us to really understand that complementary forces are not just opposites but two parts to a whole.

How to work with this law:

What can be described as opposing forces, the masculine and the feminine, the yin and yang, the light and dark, are actually complementary energies. We are all made of these energies, finding the balance for yourself supports your own internal harmony.

We have both light and darkness within us. We have both masculine and feminine within us. We need each aspect to fully realize the other.

Working with balance and harmony in your own mind/body/soul will allow you to see how these complementary forces are both a necessary part of your existence and growth.

Let’s take masculine and feminine to start. When you start to work with the idea that you have both aspects within you, you can then ask yourself what balance supports you best. I personally enjoy being able to switch between each aspect consciously. This allows me to step into each facet when it serves me.

For instance, when I’m pitching my work in a more corporate setting, I will step into my masculine attributes. This supports my ability to project my energy and words, stand up for myself, let judgment or criticism bounce off my armor, and get shit done.

I step intentionally into my feminine attributes when I am holding space for a client. The feminine and nurturing nature allows me to protect my client’s growth while holding a firm boundary. I also step into my feminine when I allow myself to work in flow. This opening of myself to the overflowing and abundant nature of the universe allows me to receive. When I welcome a magnetic relationship with my desires I do not have to push or force, I just allow.

Each aspect is important to my growth and success but having the ability and awareness to step into each has been a game-changer.

In addition, the awareness of my light or “positive” attributes and my understanding of my shadow self has created the space for so much growth in my personal practice and in my work. We cannot exist only in the light, we each have a shadow.

It has been in the working with, experiencing, and excavating in my shadows that so many of my biggest breakthroughs have arisen.

Being honest with yourself about your shadow aspects (those things we each have that require more love, care, time, and attention) starts the internal conversation. When we look at ourselves as whole beings, fallible beings, we are then able to be honest about the areas of growth we have.

Once you identify an area of growth you can start to work on the actual growth.

3. The Law of Energy

The Law of Energy expresses that everything is made up of vibrating energy. Oh wee, do I LOVE this one. This one has shifted my life, reality, business, relationships and more.

What does this mean for us?

Every single thing is vibrating energy, which means that the secrets of the universe rest in even our thoughts. Because when we think, we vibrate. When we think something, that thought emits a vibration. Where focus goes energy flows.

You have the power to create change because everything is energy.

So start working with your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and you become the conscious creator.

We are each manifesting, or calling from the ethereal realm into the physical realm, at all moments. Some of us consciously, and many of us unconsciously.

We have so many thoughts that, even if you are aware of your ability to manifest, there will be tons of thoughts you aren’t observing or aren’t aware of.

You have the power to create with your thoughts, so be intentional with them. When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, replace it with 3 or 5 or 10 positive thoughts.

For instance, a thought might come up like, “I could never make that much money”, or “they would never hire me for that position.” If you catch this thought, release it, and reach for thoughts like this instead:

  • I am so creative and talented, there are so many ways for me to make money
  • There are tons of people my age, my gender, with my background, with my certifications/degrees making this amount and even more, it’s totally possible for me
  • Money is just a vibration, like anything else, I am opening myself to money
  • Money comes to me with ease and grace
  • Money loves me and I love money


  • This company would be so grateful to hire me, I have so much to offer
  • I am worthy of my desires because I desire them
  • I know that the universe has my back
  • This or something even better will be mine
  • I deserve to be happy, fulfilled, compensated, and excited about my life

Your thoughts create your reality, so start to look at the thoughts you have and reprogram them when they do not serve you.

4. The Law of Action

For our fourth law, let’s stick with laws that support our ability to manifest. The Law of Action states that we must take action to manifest our desires.

What does this mean for us?

When you set an intention, you express a desire to manifest something from the ether into the physical realm, (not only do you need to believe it possible, and become a vibration match for it) but you need to take action toward it.

This is a very important part of manifesting our desires. The universe wants to support us but it cannot override free will, so taking action steps toward our desires allows the universe to step in and support our desires, manifesting them into our physical realities.

Now a caveat, I love to mention when discussing action, imperfect action is perfect because it is action.

This law doesn’t say that if you do not take the exact perfectly correct action then the universe will turn it’s back on you. It says you must take action to manifest a desire. That means holding your intention and taking your inspired action is perfect, regardless of whether the result is one to one. So, while the specific action you take might not directly result in your manifestation, it opens the doors for your manifestation to become yours.

If you are desiring a new job, take the action step of applying for new jobs. Even if your perfect job comes from a friend’s recommendation and not one of the jobs you applied for, the action of applying creates an energetic space for the universe to support you.

So start making moves y’all!

The Law of Compensation

What you believe and feel is returned to you.

I love talking about this one because I feel it clarifies a common misconception. We have all heard the idea of what you put out into the world comes back to you and the law of compensation is addressing just that. However, this law also wants you to be aware of the fact that it is not just about what you want, say, or do but how you feel and what you believe.

If you say “I am abundant,” but do not believe it, and make decisions from a scarcity mindset, what comes back to you is scarcity.

If you spend money like you are abundant, but you believe that it can’t last, it can’t work, it will come back to bite you in the ass later.

What you believe and feel is what will be – not just what you say or do.

What does this mean for us?

Getting into alignment is of MAJOR value for each of us. Make sure that what you think is what you say, and matches what you do, and that you believe it and feel it.

Take the time to work out roadblocks and limitations when it comes to your goals/desires/dreams because if something is keeping you from alignment it’s keeping you from achieving your desires in the WAY you desire them.

Think, say, do, believe.

Let’s go back to that abundant example.

If you want to experience abundance and be abundant, consider journaling our thoughts that aren’t abundant so you can realign them.

Think thoughts of abundance like I”’m so grateful to live so abundantly,” then think or 3–5 ways you are abundant (able to pay your rent, bills, enjoy xyz, splurge on this, and able to do that).

Speak words of abundance.

When you are checking out at the grocery store say to yourself or out loud, “I’m so abundant, look at the way I’m able to purchase healthy food to nourish my mind, body, and soul.”

Then take abundant actions, from the smallest to the largest, actions are all important.

You don’t have to buy a yacht to act abundant, wearing something that makes you feel abundant, the action of putting it on is an abundant action. Running your card for an intentional gift to yourself (even super small like a new pen to journal with) is an abundant action.

Then focus on being and feeling abundant as often as possible. That is the powerful combination of thinking, saying, and doing, which creates the being. A creative visualization is also a powerful tool in creating a feeling. Paint the mental picture of your abundant self and feel into that.

Use experiences you have actually had as a springboard. Call to mind a time when you felt really abundant, received a raise, a promotion, getting that job, paying off your student loan, monetizing an idea, having that perfect spa day (this is a personal one for me), etc.

Let the Laws of the Universe work for you by grasping their meaning and implementing them into your life. The universe has your back, but it cannot override your free will so create intentional space for support and watch your reality shift!

Curious about more Laws of the Universe!? Leave a comment and let us know!

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