How To Use Your Feelings To Guide Your Life

Last month, I didn’t get on my flight to go back home to California from Hawaii. This is something I’d never done before.

The old me didn’t typically make wild, spur of the moment decisions. The old me was practical, logical, and somewhat reserved.

But I’m not the old me anymore. I did a lot of shedding of my old self at the end of 2019, and in 2020, I feel new. I feel bolder, braver, more playful, more open.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to stay in Hawaii with someone I realized I had feelings for, to essentially take a chance on love and explore what that could be together….initially, I said:

“Absolutely not, I can’t stay here! That wouldn’t be practical; I need to go home and get my life together, sorry!”

You know…I needed to go home and focus on my business, so that I could get to a place where I COULD travel and work and play on a whim.

But I quickly shifted course and realized this guy was not being crazy for asking; I was being crazy for not considering it! 

Why couldn’t I stay? Why couldn’t I be just as productive, but on an island? If I was feeling so brand new, then I needed to start allowing myself to say yes to new things. Of course, my ego told me it didn’t make logical sense. But how far had that gotten me this whole time?

It was clear that it was time to start listening to my heart, and allowing my Higher Self to guide me. The part of me that was all-knowing and saw everything as an opportunity. The part of me that I could fully trust to always guide me toward that which was for my highest good.

And so I listened to that nudge, and I skipped my flight, and ended up staying in Hawaii for three weeks. And in those three weeks, I let all the heart walls come down, and I fell in love. I also found massive clarity on my purpose and took action in my business in ways I had been terrified to do in 2019.

What I realized was this: when I began to follow feeling versus logic, I opened myself up to magical opportunities.

And what I really mean when I say “feeling versus logic,” is listening to the Higher-Self guidance, instead of ego. Love versus fear.

What if the most incredible moments in your life weren’t supposed to make logical sense?

What would happen if you just said YES to that which felt expansive instead of contractive?

What if you just didn’t get on the plane?

So with this newly embodied shift in how I’ve been living my life in mind, I want to walk you through a few key points so that you can integrate the same guidance into your own life and experience the magic too.

1. Evaluate your life and what has guided you to where you are currently.

What areas of your life feel in alignment for you? What areas do not?

For the areas that do feel in alignment, can you reflect on what got you there? My guess is that your intuition was a big part of it.

For the areas that aren’t in alignment, what have you been telling yourself you have to do or be? What is keeping you stuck there?

How often are we in the wrong relationship, but we force ourselves to stay in it because the person can provide for us, or we have so much history, or they check three of our five boxes?

I’m sure you can make a list of all the reasons why you need to stay at the job you hate that’s been taking a toll on your health – steady pay, healthcare, nice coworkers, the list goes on.

We can talk ourselves in or out of basically anything- the question is…why even waste your energy on it, when you know in your gut whether something is or isn’t right for you? 

2. Get honest with yourself about what you deeply desire

What do you actually want?! Why are you telling yourself you cannot have it right now? What needs to shift in order for you to get out of your own way?

Are you telling yourself you need to go to the gym and run on the treadmill when what your soul is really craving is a pole dancing class?

Maybe you’re like me, and you’ve been deeply desiring a nomadic lifestyle, but instead allowed logic to tell you that paying rent and not getting rid of all your stuff on a whim was a much safer place to be.

The biggest thing that will keep you from your dream life is you getting in your own way! We lie to ourselves about what we want and we don’t allow ourselves to go after it.

3. Give yourself permission

You are the only person that can give yourself permission to create the life that you want! No one else is going to pave that path for you.

So when you are busy looking around at what everyone else is doing, and letting their judgment feed your decision making, that is what creates the misalignment.

We don’t want to be too crazy, too much, too foolish. And why? So we can stay safe and in a box and have a nice little boring life where we don’t do anything but follow the rules?

There are no rules. Let that sink in.

4. Follow the guidance and surrender

You are either being guided by your higher self or guided by your ego. If you did the reflecting in step 1, then you are now aware of how far ego and logic has gotten you.

The way I have come to differentiate it is, whenever you are tuning into your Higher Self, it feels light, loving, and expansive in your body. When you are tuned into ego, it can feel heavy, tight, and contracting in your body.

These are the feelings that guide us.

Feel the tightness in your chest or your gut? Then that might not be the way for you- there is most likely a higher and more aligned path of action for you to take.

When we follow the good feelings, when we follow our bliss and pleasure, we will always get to where we are meant to be.

Our ego will tell us all the reasons why we are crazy, it’s not safe, and why we shouldn’t, but our ego doesn’t know how deeply supported we are by the Divine.

And that is where surrender comes in – you have to let go of that need to control every single outcome in your life.

You have to surrender to Divine support and trust that things that are better than you could ever imagine are on the other side of you simply following your desire and good feelings.

So I encourage you to start tuning in- get to know the feelings that your higher self is communicating to you through your body, and allow yourself to be guided by what feels expansive.

You never know who you could meet, where you could end up, what you could be inspired to create.

Magic awaits you, babe.

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