How to Stay Confident as the Youngest Employee at Your Workplace

Perhaps you’ve thought of a new idea that will help make your job easier for both yourself and your coworkers. Or maybe, you’d like to make a suggestion to your coworkers whenever you overhear them discussing a problem. But as the youngest employee at your job, you’re too afraid to speak up or share your thoughts and opinions with others. So, what do you do?

Unfortunately, far too many new employees experience a lack of confidence when they’re the youngest worker at their job. If this sounds similar to your own experience at your workplace, consider trying some of these suggestions to experience a greater sense of confidence at your job throughout the day.

Keep your head up (literally)

One of the telltale signs of low confidence is walking around with your head down in the hopes that you’ll go unnoticed by those around you. But as a new, young, and apt employee, you should walk around with your head high — not toward the ground!

Even if you don’t feel confident yet, keeping your head high and giving off the impression of confidence will gradually help your sense of self-assurance to flourish. So, when you walk into those front doors of your workplace every day, put some extra pep in your step and strut with an aura that says you know what you’re doing — regardless of your age.

Don’t indoctrinate false criticism

As the youngest employee at your work, you may find yourself bearing the brunt of many of your coworkers’ jokes. They may call you the baby of their workplace family.

It’s possible that they’ll subconsciously treat you with less respect than that which they show their coworkers who are older, too. But the secret to staying confident as a young employee is to let the unproductive criticism roll right off of your shoulders.

Although some critiques play a vital role in helping you to learn and grow, ignore any unnecessary or unhelpful disapproval. The next time a fellow coworker makes a negative or disparaging remark, remember to put a smile on your face and keep moving.

Gradually, others will learn that their unwanted opinions don’t phase you, but give you more motivation to work even harder to display your skills instead.

how to be confident as a young woman in a new career of seasoned coworkers

Be open to learning

Are you afraid that your older coworkers have a competitive edge based on the greater years-worth of knowledge they’ve acquired at work?

Whether you’re fresh out of college or just landed your first major job in your twenties, you can continue to learn and develop a greater mastery of your skills to remain on par with others in your position.

Remember that you can learn more about your job outside of the workplace, too. Make use of free online educational resources that will provide you with more knowledge of your trade.

Never hesitate to ask those around you for advice, especially when you need more experience, too. The more you learn, the more likely you are to grow and let your confidence shine through.

Never doubt your self worth

Perhaps the most critical piece of advice to take as a young employee is to realize that your self-worth and knowledge isn’t determined by the number of years you’ve spent in the workforce.

A seasoned doctor may not perform surgery any better than a new surgeon and that young hair stylist who just graduated beauty school may do the best color job in the entire salon.

Even though you may have some doubt going into your job as the only 20-something-year-old working in the office, you deserve to be there just as much as your older counterparts.

So, remember the next time you enter your job to put a little extra strut in your walk and to emit an aura of confidence. Not only will your co-workers be convinced of your newfound confidence, but over time, you may just be, too.

how to be confident as the youngest woman at your office. rise to the top with these career tips for young professionals starting a new career after college.

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