How To Become More Self-Aware With The Help Of Your Dreams

Dreams are a wealth of information just waiting for us to remember and decipher them. Furthermore, part of being self-aware is noticing and understanding the signs the universe sends us. Imagine what life would be like if we understood how our dreams played a role in our self-awareness as we work toward solving a problem or reaching a goal. 

Before diving into understanding how our dreams can be utilized as tools for self-awareness, you need to remember them. To remember your dreams, you need to entertain the thought of remembering your dreams by routinely saying, “I will remember my dream in its entirety.”

Yes, it’s really that easy. Practice saying it over and over as you drift into sleep. Also, to have more vivid dreams, drink water at least an hour before you go to bed (this also gives you time to use the bathroom so your sleep won’t be interrupted.) The element of water is associated with dreams and intuition, which is why it’s good to incorporate drinking water as part of this process.

Next, you want to make sure you have a pen and pad on your nightstand, so you can write about your dreams or voice record to create a note on your phone. You want to make a notation about your dreams as soon as you wake up, because you will begin to forget it as soon as you wake, which is why some people believe that they do not have dreams. Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers their dreams.

Now that the housekeeping portion is out of the way, below are seven ways your dreams help you to become more self-aware. 

how to find out the meaning of your dreams and use it as a tool to know yourself better


The language of dreams is symbolic. For example, if you see a white rose in your dream, you will have to ascertain what’s the symbolism of the white rose. In our waking life, we may see a white rose. Because we have seen the white rose first in our dreams and now again in the waking life, this is a sign to take notice of an emotion, person or situation. It’s a heads up from the universe. 

Deeper understanding of self

Some dreams are adventurous and others are scary. In both situations we are forced to look at who we truly are and the roles we played in the dream. For self-awareness purposes, this can translate into how we handle situations in real life. 

The subconscious

What do you really want in life? What do you need to address on the subconscious level? Dreams can also be a dress rehearsal for an event in life. When it comes to self-awareness, unlocking and pursuing what we truly want in life can be revealed to us in our dreams if we have been suppress it during our conscious state. 

Reoccurring dreams

Do you have dreams that take place at the same time each year or throughout the year? This is another form of a dress rehearsal or a heads up, preparing you for something that needs to be addressed or for it to just happen. For example, dreaming of a storm destroying a town once a year in January can mean that you are doing a no-holds bar clean sweep of your life.

Visitation dreams 

Has a spiritual being or a loved one visited you in your dreams? This is a kind reminder that love is eternal and you are being guided to live your best life. You may receive this dream when you are doubting yourself, your purpose, or need some direction in life. This will help you with becoming more self-aware because you will remember to stay the course in achieving your goals, remember your why. 

Flying vs. falling

Two popular dreams are dreams of people falling, flying, or a combination. Debunking two thought processes here: No you do not die if you hit the ground from falling and no you do not leave the galaxy forever if you fly too high.

Flying in your dream means that you have let go of (or in the process of letting go of) inhibitions and, therefore, have took off to rise at new heights. Falling in your dream is in relation to many thing such as fear, overwhelm, and being weighed down.

From a self-awareness perspective, you can pick up on your traits that causes you soar in some areas in your life and not so much in others. Once you realize those traits, they can be enhanced or tweaked for your highest good. 

Confidence builder

Deciphering your dreams will cause you to think outside of the box because dreams are so multi-layered with multiple meanings. Practicing that ability to think outside of the box will filter over into other areas in life that will cause you to be curious, ask questions out loud, solve problems in non-traditional ways. As a result, your confidence receives a boost, because you’re not accepting something the way it is, just because someone told you. You’ll be more willing to verify or propose something different altogether. 

Do you remember your dreams? Have you experienced any of the points above? Let us know in the comments.

how to become more self-aware by learning from your dreams. intentional sleeping practices and what your dreams mean.

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