How I Set Monthly Intentions For A More Positive Life

Energy in equals energy out. It has been taught in every physics and thermodynamics class you’ve taken. This first law of thermodynamics is only applied to topics regarding engines and fiberglass insulation, none of which seems applicable to your everyday life unless you are Bill Nye or work for NASA. Professors seem to leave out the crucial point that the first law of thermodynamics can and should be taken into consideration in everything you say, do and think.

The energy, vibrations, thoughts, and feelings that you put out into the world are going to come back to you. Have you ever noticed that when you wake up on a Monday and your first thought is, “Oh god… I hate Mondays, they are the worst,” you’re able to identify everything wrong with that day. If you’re like me, your Monday thoughts are a little something like this:

“Everyone here has half a brain cell. I should really bring in some doctors to do some lab work because it is truly impressive how little these people know about their job.”

“OMG our coffee tastes like dirty sink water with one teaspoon of coffee mixed in. You’d think we could afford some semi-decent coffee. It’s the least they can do in return for me selling my soul to them 45 hours a week.”

Why is she heating up her fish in the microwave? Is she insane? Does she want me to hate her and shoot her dirty looks for the next seven hours? Fine, I’ll do it.”

“If someone brings in free food one more time, I’m not going to fit into these jeans.”

Whereas on Fridays, you go into the day with a positive attitude and the things that would have bothered you on Monday are irrelevant and you don’t give them any attention, because you have already pre-determined that Friday is going to be a great day. Your Friday self-talk may be along the lines of this:

“YAY coffee! I am going to drink seven cups, so I’ll have enough energy to go out tonight. Thank god we have free coffee here, I would be broke if I had to get it from Starbucks everyday.”

“Aw, Linda brought in donuts! That was so thoughtful of her.”

“Great. Fish again. But its ok because now I don’t feel as bad when I heat up my broccoli.”

“IT’S FRIDAY BISHES. None of your problems can bring me down.”

Our thoughts or intentions about how the day will turn out are usually subconscious. It’s not like you go into Monday thinking, “I intend to make this day horrific and to point out every little thing that goes wrong, which in return will make me feel like shit.”

No. It is just ingrained in a lot of us to believe Monday’s are horrible and it’s impossible to have a good Monday. Truly transforming your subconscious thoughts is not something that can happen overnight, but the steps to getting there are easy and most importantly, you’ll feel the benefits almost instantly.

On my 24th birthday, on May 24th of this year, I decided to write down my intentions for the next 12 months.

It has been under four months since I set these intentions, and since then I have quit my 9-5 job that drained my energy. I dreaded waking up each morning and repeating the monotony of the day, dealing with the same people and the same issues. I felt like I had plateaued and I wasn’t learning anything new, which is my greatest fear in life. Within two months of setting my intentions, I started my own business and am more connected than I’ve ever been with my authentic self. I genuinely wake up happy and with a sense of bliss and determination to make today count.

how to set monthly intentions to create a more positive life

Here are what I sent my intentions as, and what transpired from them (for the months that have happened so far):


Personal development

I spent this month focusing on myself and listening to podcasts that helped me understand my Myers Briggs personality type (INFP for those wondering). It helped me look inwards to who I am.



I focused on positive self-talk, keeping a close eye on my inner critic. This was such an important intention and really set me up for success for the upcoming months. You really do need to love yourself before you can love others. If you love yourself, you will easily radiate that same love outward to those around you. During this month, I had a handful of coworkers telling me how much I have changed since last year and how I radiate now.


Stepping out of my comfort zone

This is when the idea for my own business came to me. In the last week of July, I had decided to officially leave my job at a high end fashion company and jump into the unknown by starting my company, Glowing Up.


Physical strength

In the first week of August, I was diagnosed with Melanoma (luckily it was stage I). I had the surgery on my last week of my full time job, and the recovery was surprisingly painful and exhausting. My stitches were severely infected and I spent my first week of no job in bed. I felt like a failure. This intention became more important than ever. Physical strength isn’t just about pushing yourself to new levels, its about listening to your body and knowing when it needs to rest. I surrendered to my body’s cries to relax, and took the time to let my body heal.


Loving others

I am still in the midst of this month, but I can already feel the changes in my life that are being made. I was going to move to LA (I am from Chicago), but this week I officially decided to stay in Chicago for at least a year. I was previously living in Atlanta and did not have any girl friends, it was really tough for me. I’ve been living at home for about a month and realized how much I have missed having the support of my friends.

October- Embracing my feminine energy

November- Gratitude

December- Living everyday with purpose

January- Living fearlessly

February- Self-expression

March- Creating happiness and love

April- Living a life of YOLO

Just as an FYI, these intentions are flexible and subject to change. If I am feeling a strong sense that I need to be placing my focus on something else in the upcoming month, then I will 100% adjust my intention to fit that. Life is ever-changing and it’s impossible to know where you will be, mentally, spiritually, physically, months from now.

How to set monthly intentions for a more pisitive life

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