9 Mindful Gift Ideas For Your Spiritual Friends

It’s that time again! Everyone is rushing around trying to get their Christmas shopping done.

There are so many people to buy for that it’s hard to know where to start, but if you’re like me, you start with the easier ones first––a new makeup palette for my sister, a gag gift for the family White Elephant game, concert tickets for my best friend, etc.

But what about the spiritual friends in your life? The ones that are really making an effort to grow and become better versions of themselves?

They may not be interested in the stocking stuffers everyone else loves, and it’s hard to know what exactly to get, especially if you’re not into spirituality yourself. If you’re a bit stuck on what to get your spiritual friends, consider some of these ideas.

Guided journal

If they’re into writing, go with this. There are tons of different types of guided journals you can get, whether it’s aimed specifically at spirituality or if it just prompts them to write one line a day. It can even be a travel journal.

People who are making an effort to expand their spirituality usually need an outlet for their feelings and thoughts throughout the process, and a little extra help in the form of prompts or questions in a journal can boost their creativity and self-awareness and they may even benefit from going back and reading what they’ve written later on.

Try this I Am Here Now journal for tons of playful prompts that are sure to get those creative juices flowing.

Zen garden

The perfect gift for that person in your life who truly just needs a bit of calm in their daily routine. I personally love zen gardens. Hand me that rake when I’m stressed and dragging it through the sand will instantly calm my mind.

I even bought one for my boss as a parting gift after my internship a few years ago because he used to have freak-outs at work at least twice a week. To this day, he keeps it on his desk and will send photos of it from time to time.

There are tons of different types you can buy and some of them, like this one, even have little figurines like the Buddha that you can place in the sand to put you more in touch with your intention. It will encourage the receiver to remember to take a minute to calm down and just breathe throughout their busy routines.

Himalayan salt lamp

I received one of these as a gift before I ever started my spiritual journey and now that I know more about it it means so much more. Not only do they project a warm amber light that really makes your space glow and feel like home, but they also act as air purifiers.

The salt absorbs water and other particles from the air and as it heats up the longer you leave it on. It releases cleansed water vapor and negative ions, which can be good for your lungs. Health benefits aside, the light it gives off makes for a cozy and relaxing home.

Healing gemstones

While I’m not an expert on gemstones and what each one is specifically for, I have family members who are strong believers and actively use healing gemstones. If this is something your friend might be into, do some research and get them some stones that seem like they’ll benefit their specific situation.

These stones can be standalone or they can be in the form of a piece of jewelry. If you’re not sure how to choose which specific stone might fit their needs, consider getting them a beginner’s gift set, which will include the main healing stones and explain their purpose.

Spirituality book

Anyone new to spirituality usually gets their start by researching spiritual teachers or leaders, so what better way to help them expand their knowledge and practice than with a book written by their favorite one?

Or better yet, introduce them to one of your favorites, so they can get more exposure to the spiritual world and better figure out what works for them and what doesn’t. My personal favorite is Tara Brach, so I would recommend checking out her website for some good reads. Either way, after they finish the book, they will have some new knowledge and ideas in their spiritual arsenal.

Meditation beads

I have never personally used these, but I’ve read rave reviews about them online. They are particularly useful for someone who wants to focus entirely on the mantra or intention that they’ve chosen to meditate on. They help you keep track of how many times and how long you’ve been practicing without you having to think about counting in your head. Even better, you can get meditation beads made out of those healing gemstones that I mentioned above for an even greater benefit to the meditation sessions.

Yoga mat

A new yoga mat, or really any yoga tool such as a block, for a practicing yogi, is never a bad idea. For example, my current yoga mat is getting a little worn down and there are spots on it where I can’t place my feet or else I slip. There are some really nice nonslip ones out there to choose from to prevent things like that from happening. Yoga should be a mindful and physical practice, so making yoga easier to practice by giving your friend one of these tools will be much appreciated.


Candles can be used in a variety of ways––relaxation candles for yoga, prayer candles for the religious, or to add a nice scent to someone’s home. Choose a candle with color and scent appropriate for your friend based on what they need. The concept is similar to healing gemstones.

Essential oils

You can use these for many different purposes: aromatherapy, enhanced yoga practice, massages, and more. Each oil serves a different purpose, and the best part is that they’re all-natural. For spiritual friends who are trying to be all-natural and get in touch with the healing powers of the earth, this set of 16 is the perfect gift.

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