6 Fun Sites for Learning Astrology and Moon Phases

Whether or not you believe in it completely, astrology is fun. It’s almost always positive, and can give you something new to consider throughout the day. But where do you even begin when you want to dive in beyond a little horoscope reading?

You might be like me, wondering what the heck the difference is between a sun, moon and rising sign.

There are horoscopes everywhere on the internet. You can even find out what kind of plant you should get based on your astrological sign. But it’s harder to figure out where the best places are to dive deeper if you want to learn more about lunar eclipses, planets in retrograde, your sun rising and more.

Here are six of our favorite sites for discovering more about our signs and what’s happening in the universe if you’re astrologically curious.

Spirit Daughter

Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter, got the idea for Spirit Daughter when she was in Bali and discovered beautiful dreamcatchers there. She connected with the maker and decided to open up a shop to sell them. Spirit Daughter now sells new and full moon workbooks for each astrological sign, both in print and digital. Each workbook covers all signs and includes meditations, journal prompts, moonscopes, tips, crystal descriptions for the sign and upcoming moon information. You can also find podcast episodes with Jill on Almost 30 and Lady Gang

Chani Nicholas

Chani Nicholas gives thorough weekly horoscopes on her blog that aren’t of the corny variety that you might be familiar with. What is perhaps the most special part about Chani is that she is also a feminist activist. She makes astrology practical and useful, and keeps current events at front of mind. Her Instagram is definitely a fantastic follow.

We love what Chani Nicholas said in the LA Times: “I don’t need you to approve of me, I don’t need you to like anything I do,” she said. “I love skeptics, I think they’re fantastic. I think we should all be skeptics.”

Mystic Mamma

Mystic Mamma’s website is a curated blog from a variety of astrologers around the web. And the Instagram feed is filled with knowledge about what is going on with beautiful art. It’s like you’re getting a Tarot card reading for the day on what the stars are doing. Look forward to finding energetic themes for each month.

Anne Ortelee

Anne Ortelee is the one to keep up with for real-time astrology updates on Twitter. She also teaches classes, workshops and webinars.

11:53am EDT: Moon goes void. Kick back & relax. The moon’s not working & you shouldn’t be either. Creatively dream, float, sleep, meditate.

— Anne Ortelee (@AnneOrtelee) July 18, 2019

Elevate the Globe

With a mission to elevate the vibration of the planet, how could we not be in for this? I’d describe Elevate the Globe as an overall spiritual hub –– with courses and challenges on raising your vibration. The creators, Britt and Tara are best friends and Kundalini yogis. Honestly the website itself might be the cutest one I’ve ever seen. They also have a podcast called Elevator with episodes on their astrology practice and spiritual development. 

Jennifer Racioppi

Jennifer is an astrologer and coach helping women by combining astrology, positive psychology and women’s health. Her site is a wealth of information and even has a fun section where you can scroll over each sign to reveal your archetype. She has a step-by-step guide to navigating the phases of the moon on her website for free.

fun ways to learn astrology, your charts and moon phases from experts in the industry, from instagram to twitter accounts with positive astrological insights to look at daily.

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