Monday Motivation: Follow Your Intuition

Lately I have been looking to the outside world for answers and direction. I have been searching for answers about my relationships, job, where I should live, how to workout, what to wear, and basically questioning who I am. Whether I am looking to a friend, boss, boyfriend, or parent, for answers; I have been feeling fear, self-doubt and a need for approval from others.

Self doubt is becoming more common, because we live in an age with so much information. It is easy to look to the outside world for answers. We are so used to searching the Internet for answers that we forget the power we already have within ourselves. We can easily “Google,” what the answer is, but is this teaching us to question our own intuition? I find myself looking at social media for ideas, approval, direction and I end up comparing myself to others, which then leads into more self-doubt and fear.

It is easy to get caught up in other people’s opinions about how we should live our lives or who we should be, but in the end we know ourselves better than anyone else in the world.

We block our intuition with negative talk, control and our fear. Fear means we are disconnected from the spirit and our intuition. Fear means we are feeling weak. It is the moment to moment shifts from fear and self-doubt to love and looking within, that is where we will find the answers. By surrendering control of the situation to God, The Universe or a greater power, you are surrendering the fear. Rather than searching for the answer from outside influences, simply looking within and knowing the answer will come with time, is when the true miracles happen.

Our intuition is our core muscle; it is our strength and safe place. This is where you will find the authentic answers, the love and the truth. No more looking for approval, acceptance or outside opinions. What we have been looking for has been here the whole time. We just need to stop searching and realize it is within ourselves. We are seeking to find answers about ourselves that we already know.

Meditation is one of the most important ways to connect with your intuition. Meditating at least 5 minutes each morning will allow you to find clarity on any challenges you have in your life. Ask the question you are struggling with, then wait to see what you hear in response. You will find the truth when you really take the time to listen to your inner voice.

Remember, follow your intuition, trust yourself, the answer is always there.


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