How to Embrace Your Inner French Girl

Logically, we all know that the idealized French Girl we see in the media doesn’t actually exist. Instead, we have a stripe-wearing, baguette-toting caricature in our minds who looks perfectly gamine while picnicking by the Eiffel Tower. At least, that’s what my inner French Girl looks like. Yours might be wondering around the Louvre in all black or biking through the French countryside.

Numerous articles have been published on the French obsession women seem to have and how our imaginations are making up a French Girl that doesn’t exist. But what’s wrong with envisioning an ideal chic role model?

The idea of the inner French Girl was first introduced to me in Fiona Ferris’ book Thirty Chic Days. She encourages readers to acknowledge that our vision of a French Girl may be highly idealized, but we can still learn from her to cultivate our lives. If the French lifestyle inspires you, embrace your inner French Girl and add some of her qualities to your life.

If your inner French Girl…

Has a Minimalist Wardrobe

Throw open your closet doors and take a good look at the amount of clothing you own. Your French Girl probably has a collection of clothes she loves that are perfectly tailored and high quality. Donate any of the clothing that you don’t enjoy wearing and choose which items will be part of your capsule wardrobe. The benefits to a capsule wardrobe are endless, and they’re easier to create than you’d think.

Enjoys Fine Dining

Have a luxurious dining experience without a hefty price tag by researching French recipes and making them at home. If you’re feeling extra French, host a dinner party with friends or different couples. Make sure to have a lot of wine on hand. I recently made a beef ragout that was delicious and made me feel perfectly French.

Visits Ladurée Weekly

Even in the smallest cities, you can find a delightful macaron to satisfy your cookie needs with a little perseverance. If macarons aren’t your treat of choice, check out your local patisserie for a croissant or other pastry.  With a small bite and a sip of a latte, you’ll feel transported to a Parisian cafe.

Is Artfully Mysterious

Many of us are both blessed and cursed by the gift of gab. Sometimes you talk just to fill awkward silences or because you have too many ideas bubbling around in your head. The French Girl has perfected the art of silence. She lets her thoughts marinate and is content to let conversations lull. Don’t be afraid of the quiet and keeping your ideas to yourself while you develop them. When in doubt, delicately shrug your shoulders and allow the conversation to be directed elsewhere.

These are just some of the qualities we believe to be quintessentially French. Your inner French Girl may look different from mine, but there is still inspiration we can draw from our idealized vision. Stay tuned for future posts on French inspiration, and share what you envision your French Girl to be like!

how to embrace your inner french girl.

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