What To Do When You Land Your Dream Career And It Becomes A Flop

You kicked butt in an interview for the role you always wanted and landed, dare you say it, your dream job. You have a better salary to look forward to and the boss lady in you is on top of the world. You are ready work hard and fall in love with the same business card holder you’ve had for years, but never used.

But after some time in your new upgraded office, you find that your initial excitement has now turned into daily stress. The respect you had for your superiors has turned into fear and walking in each morning has become a routine you dread.

Remember to breathe

Regardless of what’s not working out at work, remember to breathe. Have a moment in the restroom or go outside for a walk (remember to come back!). Do whatever it takes to calm your mind. You need evaluate the situation and can’t do so when your mind is running a mile a minute. Remember how you got to this point and how much you have achieved thus far. When you are calm and thinking straight, focus on a solution.

Ask yourself, is this a place where you can continue work at or is the resolution a resignation?

Remind yourself that you’re not a failure

Much like the clothes we wear or the food we eat, we tend to believe that our jobs determine our worth, but that can’t be farther from the truth. Most of us are at the workplace more than at home and deserve a work environment that contributes to our life. Not the other way around. So when your dream job isn’t contributing to your life at the healthy happy level you wanted, it’s no longer a dream… And it’s OK.

There will always be another opportunity to come along. You are not stuck, ever. Do not give in to the negativity of thinking you will never land another big opportunity, because that is another story we tell ourselves.

Put it in perspective

When you take a good look at what’s making you miserable at work, it’s also important to take a good look at yourself. Is it possible that you are overanalyzing the situation? Are you making a big deal over something small? Or are you intimidated by your new responsibilities? Sometimes our nerves can get the best of us making us feel inadequate when good things happen to us. Recognize your fears; the worst thing you can do is get in your own way.

Know that things may change

If there is one thing that is certain in life, it’s that a little thing called change. Company structures change often and people resign/get hired all the time. It may not happen tomorrow or six months from now, but there is chance you may slowly learn to love your job. You may meet new colleagues that make work fun with routine happy hours or end up learning so much from them could lead to a promotion. Sometimes it all about perspective and possibility. What can you do to be happier and what great things will come next.

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