How to Develop a Solid Wellness Routine as You Go Back to School

Going back to school can be such a thrill, because it means you regain your independence and your space to grow. However, it can also be stressful. Of course, you’re facing a brand-new semester of classes, which means you’re going to be juggling homework assignments for the next few months until another break rolls around.

Even with a packed class schedule, you don’t have to sacrifice your health. It’s actually better for you and your grades if you find a routine that helps you keep your mind and body at their best so you can overcome your educational obstacles. Read up on the basics of a good wellness routine, and figure out how you can build them into your normal schedule.

Stay moving

The words “wellness routine” probably make you think of afternoons spent sweating it out in the gym, but that’s only part of it! Exercise is an excellent way to keep your body healthy and happy, but to truly get enjoyment out of a workout, you’re going to have to learn which method of exercising is the best for you.

First, identify why you don’t have a workout routine established already. Is it time? Intimidation of going to the gym? Maybe you feel overwhelmed at the thought because you don’t know where to start. Take a second to think it through. Write down some ideas of exercises you’d like to try, and give them all a shot. You’ll eventually find the workout style you like best, and it’ll motivate you to head to the gym daily — or, as often as possible.

Eat healthy

Another part of having total wellness is eating right. However, when you’re in college, that’s easier said than done. Eating a balanced diet takes a lot more time and planning than grabbing fast food from the university food court, and fruits and veggies are going to cost a bit more than the usual $1 boxes of mac and cheese you heat up after your last class.

Take heart — eating well in college isn’t impossible! If you live on campus, take advantage of a meal plan and get fruits and salads from the dining hall. Take a Tupperware container and leave with some leftovers if you have to. If your dining hall regularly features a salad bar, you’ll be able to grab plenty of fresh options you might not be able to afford to buy at the grocery.

You can also learn how to listen to your body. Everyone is different, so eating healthy for one person might mean lots of kale and bananas, while for another, it might mean daily apples and pears. Once you make healthy eating a common part of your routine, you’ll notice your body feeling significantly better, which will only lead to positive thoughts and better days ahead.

Keep up with your doctor

Growing up means taking full responsibility for your health, which can be more than a little scary. Don’t head back to college thinking you can skip out on your annual checkup, seasonal flu shot or even the occasional cleaning at the dentist. Getting over the apprehension and seeing your medical professionals regularly will help prevent common health issues you may not be able to recognize as a big deal on your own.

The key to making a wellness routine for your school year is planning ahead. Make room in your budget for grocery trips, and time in your planner for gym visits and doctor’s appointments. These will keep your body on track to staying healthy and happy, which you’ll be grateful for once you have more energy and enthusiasm to power through your semester.

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