Day in the life of a dating coach with Carla Romo

What Does A Day In The Life Of A Dating Coach Look Like?

I am Carla Romo and I am a certified dating and relationship coach and speaker. I help clients with anything from finding “the one” to toxic relationship patterns. My focus is empowering those who feel stuck and stagnant build purpose and confidence in their dating, relationships, and breakups. I work with clients one on one and host workshops.

You may be wondering how does one manage to become a dating and relationship coach. Well, after finding myself in a toxic relationship I knew something needed to change. I had a moment with myself (in Ireland on a solo trip, of course!) where I saw two paths shining brightly upon my face: continue living a lonely life of unworthiness or live fearlessly with self-love and purpose. At that moment I knew I had to choose the path of self-love and purpose.

I ended that relationship and began the relationship with myself. I really spent a lot of time figuring out what exactly I wanted in a partner, why I was attracting toxic relationships and basically how to date while being confident AF about it. Since then I have been in healthy relationships and I am currently in one now.

I knew there were others out there who were struggling with dating, breakups, and relationships and so I got certified to coach, quit my job and started my business. Zero regrets and best decision I ever made.

5:43 a.m. —  Woke up naturally and decided to stay up since my alarm was going to go off at 5:58 a.m. I am a morning person anyway and love started my day before the rest of Los Angeles rises.

6 a.m. —  Grabbed my laptop and picked out music for my weekly YouTube video that I release every Wednesday on dating, breakup and relationship advice. True story: The reason I am doing this at 6 a.m. is that I was too tired last night to finish. Cheers to being a morning person!

7 a.m. —  Gym. My workout feels very therapeutic and it reduces a lot of stress. I workout five days a week, four days at the gym and one hiking. I usually lift weights but I have a shoulder injury from surfing, so I did a spin class instead. In a way, it’s fun to mix up my workout routine!

8 a.m. —  Walked home from the gym, washed dishes (S/O to no dishwasher!), made a protein shake, checked on my YouTube upload, created my daily Instagram post @iAmCarlaRomo (I create every morning except Saturday because I believe in balance and a day without work), showered, put on makeup (we’re talking B.B. cream and mascara), and made eggs. Yes, I swear I did this all in an hour.

9 a.m. —  Client call – I do all of my clients calls on Skype or over the phone

10 a.m. —  Client call – My calls are confidential, so I don’t discuss what I talk about with my clients.

11:15 a.m. —  Began putting together my weekly newsletter that I send out every Wednesday. I always include a link to my new Youtube video and usually include a blog article I wrote or one if I’ve been featured in Bustle, etc.

12 p.m. —  Took a break, ate strawberries and cottage cheese (I loveeeee cottage cheese). Breaks are essential. I create timed breaks and this helps create work boundaries for myself. Next, I video called my boyfriend–thank God for WhatsApp! I am currently in a long distance relationship, so my boyfriend and I video chat around this time daily. Since we can’t physically see each other often, I create time in my schedule to make our relationship work. We also communicate really well about our expectations being far from one another and what our needs are for our relationship.

1 p.m. —  Made a Sun Basket meal that I got a coupon for. I saved half for dinner.  

2 p.m. — Brainstormed blog article ideas and caught up on personal bills.

3 p.m. — Played catch up on emails. This is the time I start to fade a bit. I am such a morning person and as you can see, I stack my schedule in the morning, because that works for me.

Figure out what works for you and create a mock schedule to follow. It’s a great way to stay organized while making sure your personal needs are being taken care of, AKA self-care!

4 p.m. — Snacked on a peach and relaxed. Usually, when I relax I sit in silence and meditate. I work on shifting my fear or anxiety to positive thoughts. Meditation does not have to mean sitting in a yoga studio or guide, it can be as simple as getting quiet and focusing on something positive.

5 p.m. — Chilled on my phone and got on IG and Facebook.

6 p.m. — Hopped on a call with another coach that I am co-hosting a workshop event with on July 21st. Good news, we have found our location! I feel relieved because that part stressed me out. Yes, coaches get stressed themselves!

7 p.m. — Done with my business tasks for the day. Reheated the other half of my meal I made for lunch and ate dinner.

8 p.m. — I chilled on the couch and watched season two of Queer Eye. It’s so so amazing.

9 p.m. — Got ready for bed. Flossed (Yes I actually floss every night), brushed my teeth, took my vitamin D and Allegra pill (I have chronic hives but the Allegra keeps them away) and got in bed.

10 p.m. — Passed out.

As an entrepreneur, I work every day piecing together the puzzle of my business. There are so many moving parts, but it’s important that I create boundaries for self-care like breaks, eating all of my meals, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, showing up on time to client calls, working out and taking time to be present in my relationship. All of these seem like individual pieces, but when you pack them in one day they add up. If I am ever feeling too stressed in my day, I usually will take a pause and remind myself I do not need to be superwoman today.

a day in the life of a dating and relationship coach. tips and tools for long distance relationship and how to manage your time with your own business.

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