Crystal Therapy 101: A Spiritual Guide For Beginners

There is a wide world of crystals, as you have probably seen once you’ve been in a store that sells these beautiful gems. There are so many options, so many shapes and so many sizes. While you might first have been intrigued by their beauty, you’re probably wondering how to choose them and what you can use them for spiritually.

So let’s get started from the very very beginning with how to pick a crystal.

How do I select a crystal?

Go in with an open mind and play. Touch them, hold them, look at them, bask in their beauty, and roll them over in the palm of your hand. Give yourself some time to spend in the store or searching for them. Walk around picking up the ones that catch your eye. Try to focus on what you are drawn to and what feels good instead of looking at the description card for each of the crystals.

After some time playing you will most likely find that there are a few you don’t want to put down, a few that feel really good in your hand, or a few that just look prettier than the others.

Those are your crystals!

Now you want to make sure you grab a description card if the store has one or at least get the names of the crystal you selected. The cards usually have information on what chakra the crystal supports, what topics they work well for, and how they can offer help.

You can also look up information on your crystal if you get the name of the crystal. Energy Muse is an amazing online resource and online shop for crystals. You can always do a google search as well.

How do crystals work?

Crystals vibrate at a certain frequency depending on their makeup. As we learned in science class, like attracts like. As the crystal is vibrating it is calling in the frequency it vibrates at. Crystals also affect your own energy field with their energy properties – many people hold them close, carry them in a pocket, or put them in their bra to get a boost from that power in proximity.

Do I need to do anything special with my crystal once I get it home?

So we can answer this with both a yes and a no. If you don’t do anything else other than buy your crystal and put it on your desk, it will still work. However, there are ways to support your crystal in supporting you. Why not help it be as effective as possible!?

quartz crystal
photo via energy muse

Step 1: Cleanse your crystal

Since most crystal stores really encourage people to touch and play most likely your crystal will have a ton of energy on it. Lots of people touched it in the store and potentially many more on it’s trip to the store. So first off cleanse your crystal of any of this unwanted and unneeded energy. Two of my favorite ways to cleanse a crystal are running it under cool water or using Palo Santo to cleanse it.

If it’s a water safe crystal (most tumbled stones are and the client support person at your crystal store can answer this for you) I recommend running it under cool water. Just hold in your hands and let the cool water from a faucet run over it. Say to your crystal (or in your mind): “let this water cleanse and clear me.”

You can also cleanse and clear with the smoke of Palo Santo, a scared wood that you light on a fire and the smoke has cleansing properties. Let the smoke billow around the crystal. Say to your crystal (or in your mind) “let this smoke cleanse and clear me.”

Step 2: Set the intention

Just like with people, when crystals try to accomplish all the things they could support you in doing/being/feeling they are multitasking. We have all heard the saying “jack of all trades master of none”, so setting the intention of your crystal gives it guidance and allows it to focus on one specific task. This allows it to support you even better.

Pull out that card or check out your crystal online and select the focus you would like. Then hold the crystal in your hands and have a conversation with it (out loud or in your mind). Ask the crystal for support with whatever topic it works with that really speaks to you.

For example if your crystal helps with anxiety you might say the following – xyz crystal I ask that you support me in releasing my anxiety, I ask that you bring me calm and soothing energies, thank you so much for your support.

crystal energy - abundance of pretty crystals
photo via energy muse

How can I use my crystal?

There are SO many ways to use your crystal, let’s go through a few of them!

  • Put a crystal under your bed (this is great to do with crystal that support sleep or dreams or relax you)
  • Put a crystal in your pillow case
  • Put a crystal next to your bed
  • Put a pointed crystal next to your bed – if you face it away from you it will help you remove dreams and if you face it toward you it will pull in dreams and support your dream practice
  • Put a crystal in your pants pocket or bra if you want to take the vibrational support with you (great to do with communication stones while at work, or stones that destress at a stressful job)
  • Put a crystal in your house plant, on a window sill, or in your living room for decor purposes.

You can also do some more advanced techniques with crystals.

  • Once you’ve built up a little collection, put them all in a dark bag or into a container you can’t see them and pull on out. Use this as a crystal reading and whatever crystal you’ve selected is what energy you are craving, focus on what this specific crystal represents for the day.
  • Hold a crystal, while you are journaling or mediating and start getting to know the energy of each of your crystals. This practice will also allow you to learn more deeply what each specific crystal will help you with and the “language” it speaks in.
  • You can create a crystal grid with several crystals. You can search online for pre-made grid or craft your own. Putting together different crystal energies is just like cooking, adding flavor to flavor and building a more complex and delicious dish!
  • You can put liquid safe crystals into a drink or water bottle to infuse your drink with the vibration of the crystal.

There are so many ways to allow crystals to support you in your daily life. I have certain crystals for certain moments.

For instance, I have a Reiki stone and a Reiki master stone. Each of these crystals represent the energies of that specific energy healing attunement event and working with them helps bring forth that powerful energy signature of the attunement events.

Some crystals I do deep consistent work with like my selenite wand. I use this one all the time to cut cords and move energy in my energetic body/aura. And other crystals I keep in my space and allow them to support the energy there, like the chunks of geodes in my house plants.

I give crystals as gifts and set the intention to make it an extra special present. I also have received some amazing crystals as gifts, like the beautiful purple fluorite my girlfriend brought back from Electric Forest for me that housed the most powerful energy memory I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Crystals are magnificent tools and they support us so well. Dive in and find a few ways that crystals can really support you!

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