3 Creative Ways to Spark Motivation to Workout

The change in seasons brings a lot of things – cooler weather, falling leaves, and pumpkin spice everything. For me, fall in particular is always a transformative time. However (as I age and get addicted to more Netflix shows) I also find that the brisk air and shorter days make my usual workout routine seem much more daunting. I’m left needing a little more motivation than in the warmer months and am always in need of something to boost my muscles into action.

The first step is just realizing how important your workouts are for your physical and mental health. A lot of us struggle with seasonal depression when the colder months roll around and exercise can be one of the many things to alleviate the stress and anxiety that would normally fuel those feelings. Additionally, there is nothing quite like feeling like Beyoncé when you pull your jeans out from storage – Am I right?

Here are some tips to get you motivated and keep you moving:

Switch up Your Routine

Sometimes, our standard workout routine can get repetitive. Switching things up a bit and adding some variety could be the ticket to sparking that motivation to get moving more. For me, it always helps to sign up for a class of some sort. I typically stick to running as my source of cardio, but when I want something different – I’ll take a spinning class or try swimming at the gym.

Also if you have zero motivation to make it outside of the house, try an at home workout. They don’t sound as difficult, but let me tell you – there are some seriously challenging and FREE workouts just a click away. One of my favorite for all over toning and killer HIIT workouts is Tone It Up, Karena and Katrina are total #bossbabes that will have you sweating in literally five minutes. If you’re feeling more Zen, look no further that your own personal (amazing) yoga instructor on Yoga With Adriene. With these workouts, you aren’t even required to tame your bedhead and you’ll still feel super productive for getting up and active!

Find a Work-Out Buddy

Setting up a workout date with your friend is the perfect way to motivate force yourself to get your sweat session in for the day. For one, you’ve made a commitment, so it’s more difficult to bail. And second, working out with a friend is so much more entertaining. You can catch up while also getting fit together. Friends make the best work out buddies and the best part is that you can keep each other accountable for the rest of your workouts during the week. Talk about your plans and schedule in a time to meet up and sweat next week to keep the workouts coming.

Reward Yourself

I don’t mean ruin your workout with sweet treats and cheat meals as a reward (although everything is good in moderation.) However, one thing that I’ve found really helps me complete my fitness goals is setting the bar high and promising myself something fun in return. For example, I’ve been training for a half-marathon, and every week that I meet my running quota for myself, I set aside $20 to go towards the new booties I’ve been eyeing up. After a few weeks of meeting my goals, I’ll have enough to treat myself to those super cute shoes I’ve been wanting, and I really worked for them, making the spendy purchase a little easier to justify as well. There are countless other ways to treat yoself that will make reaching your work out goals a little more satisfying.

At the end of the day, it’s always important to listen to your body and be patient. If you’re struggling to find motivation, remember why you work out in the first place – for YOU. Your mind, body, and soul will all thank you for giving your best shot, especially when your energy tank is running low.

How do you stay motivated to keep up with your workout routine? Let us know in the comments below!

How to motivate yourself to workout.

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