woman using the clickup app to organize her life

6 Clever Ways To Use ClickUp To Organize Your Daily Life

The to-do lists are never-ending when it comes to all the daily life tasks, right?
Between work and life plans, there are a lot of things we need to keep tabs on. And what I’m learning as I’m starting my 30s is that I need to keep them all in one place if I plan on actually remembering everything – so that platform for me is ClickUp.
Having fun with organizing has helped me to feel a little calmer and more like myself, amidst all this. I feel less scattered and more creative when I have a game plan.
An organized system actually makes life simpler. It requires a bit of time to set up this organized space, whether it’s with an app or whatever, and that’s why a lot of people don’t get started.
But isn’t it worth the effort? Because once you create a plan and a routine to follow, your day-to-day life gets so much simpler.
When everything feels super complicated like it does right now, we could use some simplicity – am I right?


Daily Organizing with ClickUp

1. Go from scattered to everything has a place.

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” That’s the life mantra around here!
How many times have you gone searching for something and wasted so much time just trying to figure out where you put it? If that’s the case for you, developing a system where you organize everything – folders and spaces dedicated to specific items is going to save you so much time and energy.
Within my favorite desktop platform, ClickUp, I have a dedicated space for everything in my life and business so that I don’t have to think about where to organize it.

2. Go from system overload to ONE power system

In 2019, I had about 20 systems in an attempt to manage my life: notebooks, planners, Trello, Google Docs. You name it, I probably tried it. 
I didn’t feel put together at all, because I had too many organizational systems to keep up with.
Now, I just use ClickUp. I know where everything lives – and I can manage my life, social media business, Life Goals Mag, and our podcast in one place. If you’re spending too much time keeping up with all your platforms, it might be time to eliminate some systems that are wasting your time and find one place where you can manage everything.

3. Go from overwhelmed schedule to time blocking

On weeks where I really have my life together, I’ll use my Weekly Board inside ClickUp, where I plan out my weekly schedule, with scheduled blocks of time. And inside the inbox feature of the platform, I’m able to see my daily plan mapped out hour by hour. It automatically syncs to my Google Cal, so I can see it on the go.
Whatever app or planning system you use, time blocking is a powerful way to boost your productivity. It helps you to map out what you want to work on, so you’re not wasting time on things that don’t matter. 
ClickUp Weekly Schedule Board

4. Go from inbox full to inbox zero

I created an inbox system where I organize everything into folders as the emails come in. I have an “ASAP Reply” folder, and folders for contributors and collaborations. This helps me to keep my inbox decluttered most days.
Along with that, I will add tasks to my to-do list using the ClickUp feature within Gmail. So if any emails are going to take me longer than a few minutes to reply to, I’ll add it as a task to my ClickUp space. This helps me to stay on task while not forgetting to respond to my emails.

5. Go from scatterbrained to a clear mind with braindumping

It feels so good to just do a massive brain dump on all the things you need to do. I’ve created master lists for all areas of my business, from our membership community to editorial to our courses. Each one of them has its own set of to-dos.
So, what I try to do is write down a brain dump out all the things I’d like to get to – so that it doesn’t take up brain space. And then from there, I’ll sort through what’s urgent + important and put them into tasks into ClickUp.

6. Go from everything is urgent to knowing your priorities

Once you have the brain dump or master list, it’s key to decide which tasks are the most essential. I don’t know about you, but looking at a massive list of to-dos can be quite overwhelming.
I’d classify staring at that list as a surefire route to overwhelm paralysis. So I’ve set up my dashboard to show me the few tasks that I’ve marked as high priority.
You want to have 1-3 things marked as a priority so that you can focus without cluttering your mind with everything else on your list. You’re not going to be able to tackle the whole list at once – so you need to hone in on what needs tackling first.

Learn about ClickUp for Creatives – our course with 20+ videos and templates to walk you through organizing the heck out of your life & business within ClickUp.

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