8 Best Career-Focused Podcasts for Women Starting A Business

Whether you’re interested in starting your own business or you want to climb the corporate ladder, it is always fun to get inspiration from career-minded women in business who also value some form of work-life balance. We’re covering the best podcasts for ambitious women, from podcasts that go deep in details on how to start a business and grow your social media, to inspiring interviews with successful people who’ve “made it.”

This all-female lineup of podcasters is going to keep you inspired and provide you with a more feminine approach to business talk.

The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

One of my favorite podcasts that tackles lots of topics in depth on how to start a business and grow your following is Jenna Kutcher‘s podcast, Goal Digger. Jenna Kutcher is a wedding photographer turned online educator, who teaches women how to create a brand they love. Her branding is phenomenal, and she definitely practices what she preaches, and delivers on the details. She’s one of the few online educators that I trust delivers really practical tips in her classes (though I’ve never taken one). She has episodes on rocking your Instagram stories, the SEO you need to know for blogging, 10 things to do if you want to start a podcast. She also has interviews with successful entrepreneurs on their business journeys and practical tips. Jenna is also an advocate for body positivity and talks about the tough real life topics, like getting out of funks and miscarriages, as well.

Being Boss

Being a boss is about intentionally creating a business and life you love. It’s for the creatives–the business owners, 9-5ers with a side hustle, and the freelancers. Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are two badass babes who talk about the routines, habits, and tools they use to run their business. They aren’t afraid to get a little woo-woo spiritual with it either. I love the mix between practical tips and conversations about mindset and relationships surrounding business and money. They have bite sized minisodes as well (less than 10 minutes) as amazing interviews with business owners, including Brene Brown and Marie Forleo–two of my favorite people.

Raw Milk: The Creative Business Podcast with Beth Kirby

Raw Milk is a new podcast, started in May 2018, hosted by social media influencer Beth Kirby. Beth is such a rare gem of a person in the business world. Her voice is soothing; she’s gentle and so self-aware. I could listen to her speak for hours–and lucky for me, I get to with her podcast. The best episode that I recommend to any creative person with anxiety and depression is this one. She also has a great episode that goes through her life and lays out the struggles that she’s gone through including depression, divorce and drug addiction, and how she got through it to where she is today in life and business. She has amazing solo episodes, and vulnerable interviews with creative guests.

RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is the author of the bestselling book, Girl, Wash Your Face and she’s such a personal inspiration. Rachel asks guests great questions, and is into really practical tips for being a girl boss. She asks playful questions at the end of each interview on how they like their coffee and what time they wake up in the morning. I’m all for learning the tiny little things that successful women do. You can take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. Rachel is so relatable, and her way of talking about business makes it feel approachable and I leave each episode feeling motivated.

Best podcasts for career-minded women to grow their personal brand, business, or level-up at to their dream job

Second Life by MyDomaine

Hillary Kerr, Who What Wear and MyDomaine’s co-founder, interviews women on their career changes in the Second Life podcast. I’ve listened to every episode and it’s one of my favorites because the episodes are brief and hit on all the perfect points that we’re all curious about. What makes someone want to change careers, years in? Often, their first career was successful and yet, they still decided to change gears. It’s about the journey between from what got them started to where they are today. She’s interviewed some of the best guests like Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore and Jen Atkin.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is the go-to for all the “insider baseball” level marketing you want to know about running your own business. If you want to learn how to create your online promotion plan, grow your email list or learn what to focus on when you’re just starting out, she has episodes for you. She has over 228 episodes at the time I’m writing this, and covers just about everything for starting an online business. She’s a business powerhouse. I’ve only just started listening to Amy, but I already know she’s going to be my go-to for any marketing problems.


On the lighter side, WorkParty is a new podcast from Jaclyn Johnson from Create & Cultivate, an amazing conference for millennial women in business. She has a book of the same name, and she talks about lessons she’s learned in business. This is another new podcast, with interviews from Whitney Port from The Hills and Rachel Zoe. Jaclyn gives and seeks out BS-free advice for creating a business, and her bubbly personality is fun to listen to.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Songwriter turned online educator and podcaster, Cathy Heller invites us all to quit our 9-5s. Her main message is that we all deserve to find purpose in our work. She interviews some amazing guests, including Jenna Fischer from The Office, designer Jonathan Adler. I’d never heard their stories before, and I found their stories and lots of others on the show, to be so fascinating and encouraging. We don’t realize how long success takes sometimes. I love hearing the process and hear how other people got to the place where we all universally believe they “made it.” She also has solo episodes where she gives you the loving push to do what you love and get started already!


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