Yes, You Can Still Set Realistic Goals for 2021 – Use The 3 Rs For Planning Your Year

Now is a great time to work on our life goals – despite these uncertain times.

The beginning of the new year offers us a perfect opportunity to think strategically about the year to come. If we take the time to reflect and plan, we can set ourselves up for success. 

For many of us, the beginning of this year is unique. We may find ourselves living our lives, doing our work, and trying to finding balance, in a way that may have been unimaginable in the past.

In these uncertain times, it is important that we continue to focus on our life goals and dreams and what we need to achieve to get us there. It is also imperative that the goals we build take any additional challenging factors into account.

To ensure we are building achievable goals in these times – it is beneficial to consider 3Rs of successful life goal setting:

  1. Right goals
  2. Right resources
  3. Right timeframes

Considering these factors will help us to achieve our immediate and long-term goals and stay motivated. It will also ensure that these uncertain times will not put our life goal journey at risk.

1. The “Right Goals” for uncertain times

When we think about what we want to achieve this year, we must take the time to put the noise and stress that uncertainty can bring aside.

We need to self-reflect and make sure that our goals are aligned with our personal vision and purpose. This means we need to understand the “why” and make sure the “why” is something that moves and excites us. 

Even if we have some great life goals in action – this is a fantastic opportunity to check-in and reflect. We shouldn’t underestimate how times like these may re-direct our vision and purpose in new and exciting ways. 

Read more here on setting vision aligned goals.

2. The “Right Resources” for uncertain times

After we have chosen the right goals – we must think about who we will need to help us achieve them. 

This helps us to start thinking logistically about achieving our goals – but also about who we will need in our corner to support us and help us be accountable.

Uncertain times can add a slight complexity to this. We need to make sure that the people we are relying on are going to be as available to us. 

For example, if a key resource can’t make time for us or is having to juggle additional balls at the moment – we must put a plan in place to factor this in.

If they can’t help at this time – don’t automatically set the goal aside until they can. First, think about if there are other people that can help support this goal. Or, consider if there are other ways to achieve this goal.

If we do need to set this aside – it is important that we pick up another goal to work on. The best way to achieve our dreams is to continually strive forward and prove to ourselves that we can get things done.

3. The “Right Timeframes” for uncertain times

At the moment, just because we can do something to achieve our goals this week, for example, go to a certain place, does not mean we can next week. So, we need to be strategic in our timeframe planning this year. 

Chunking bigger goals down into smaller bite-size goals is always great practice for goal attainment. However, in these quickly changing times, agility in our goal setting has never been more important. 

When writing goals down – break them down to focus on the next action step only. Focus on reducing timeframes and prioritizing anything that might be affected by changes to the current environment.

If it can’t be achieved now, think about the other options there are to achieve the goal and find one that will work. 

If you need to set it aside, make sure you remind yourself to revisit it in a month or when things change. But if you do this – remember to start actioning another goal!

Two wrongs don’t make a right – but three rights will help you make successful life goals.

Recently, I did not consider the 3Rs properly. 

I booked an important face to face workshop, in another state, with an amazing marketing expert to help me expand my business. I wanted to be fully prepared for the workshop so we set the date for a month away…. By the end of that month, the borders were closed between our states. Unfortunately, I am not sure when I will get the chance to reschedule. 

Not only did I not achieve my goal in my desired timeframe – I missed out (for now) on the opportunity to work face to face with this amazing resource – which, honestly, has left me a little bit de-motivated…

Please let my disappointment with my life goals in these uncertain times be a motivating lesson for you!

When it comes to our life goal setting this year – with a little extra consideration and planning – we can still achieve our dreams. 

So, let’s turn these challenging times into opportunities!

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