A Wellness Coach’s Guide To Starting the New Year With Confidence

Ever notice how many times you hear the phrase “New Year, New You?” While it might sound motivating, it implies that in order to be happy, you must completely change who you are! And that’s just not realistic, is it?!

The new year doesn’t have to be about becoming a new you because you are fab just as you are but it can be about stepping into that 2.0 version of yourself….the version of you that is happier, energized and more confident in your own skin!

At the end of each year we’ve been conditioned to write out a list of resolutions, i.e. things we want to give up, stop doing, or make happen quickly.

How many years have you said you want to lose 10 lbs by March, stop spending so much money or workout five times a week? And how many times have you started out the year with a brand new water bottle, shiny Nike kicks and fresh Spotify playlist determined to workout every day, drink 100oz of water and eliminate alcohol aka “dry January”?

But as life kicks in and the motivation wears off, you feel like your resolution becomes something you have to do and the guilt starts to creep in when you miss a day at the gym or “cheat” with a glass of wine at a friends birthday party.

So instead of moving forward and making more realistic goals, you throw in the towel and decide to “start over” another time. I hear you, because I’ve been you and that’s why I’m a huge fan of trading resolutions for intentions!

Here are my tips for how to trade your resolutions for intentions once-and-for-all:

Define your intentions

An intention is created when you choose a powerful action that is followed by a magnetic service commitment to yourself and/or others. I use the word “magnetic” because it’s something that should excite you and pull you towards it!  

So, for example if your intention is to “find a job I love” you can follow that statement by something like “so that I can be happier in my life and as a result, show up as a more positive friend and a more present partner.” 

If your intention is “ask for a raise,” you could follow it up with something like “so that I can be more openly generous with those I love and take a vacation as a reward for my hard work.”  

Setting intentions in this way is much more realistic and powerful, rather than bringing up feelings of dread or undesired pressure!

Swap negative verbiage for positive

Many of us tend towards using lack-like verbiage when we set resolutions i.e. “stop drinking coffee cold turkey” or “lose 10 lbs by March.” Try choosing affirmative words like “experiment with replacing my morning coffee with matcha green tea” and service commitment... “so that I can boost my energy levels naturally, reduce cravings and feel in control of my day!”

Visualize the feeling

Visualization is a very powerful tool in setting your intentions because it allows you to imagine yourself in that place. Close your eyes and transport to the place you want to be.

If your intention is to “ask for a raise so that I can be more openly generous with those I love and take a vacation as a reward for my hard work,” I want you to close your eyes and go there.

Ask yourself questions like: what would it feel like to be in this place of abundance? In what ways would you like to “treat” your loved ones? Where would you go on vacation? What would you be wearing? What activities would you be enjoying? Who would be there with you?

Paint a picture in your mind of what it would really feel like to fulfill that intention and make a commitment to getting there, one achievable and exciting step at a time!  

Hang your intentions somewhere you can see them

You could hang them on your mirror, the front door, bulletin board or even stuck onto your car dashboard! Think about them, go back to that powerful visualization and check in with them on a regular basis! They may change, evolve or completely disappear and that’s ok––they are intentions for a reason!

I hope this exercise has been helpful and that you’re already getting ideas for the intentions you want to create this year! I recommend starting small and choosing 2-3 of the intentions that are the most important to you, plus a few supportive intentions for each of the larger ones which will help you to come up with a plan of action that is attainable and realistic!

Keep in touch with me via my Instagram account @bodyblissbyjess and tag me in your intentions so I can help support you….cheers to 2.0 YOU!

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