6 Ways To Add Hygge To Your Small Space

Hygge is all the rage right now and we’re all about it. If you’re not familiar, it’s pronounced hue-gah and it’s a Danish word that roughly translates to the art of coziness. Ever since we discovered the Danish style of living, we’ve been trying to think of ways to incorporate more of it into our home. Who doesn’t want to make their home feel cozy and intimate?

Attaining hygge shouldn’t be hard, that’d be the opposite of the effortless vibe and meaning. But we want to give you some tips for making your studio apartment have that “no makeup, makeup” feel to it. Effortless and comfortable, while still being stylish. And most importantly, styled with your unique personality.

Grab a hot cup of tea and read on for some tips on how to add hygge to your small space.

This post is sponsored by LIK Squared. All opinions are our own.

Surround your space with art that reminds you of the things you love

I love the ocean at sunset; it’s my happy place. I cherish seeing its beauty in person and when I’m not there, I like being reminded of being at the beach where the waves are crashing and I’m feeling calm. The current wallpaper on my computer is ocean waves for instance.

I also like to add artwork to my space that makes me feel at peace and like I’m in that happy place at home. So, I put up some acrylic prints from LIK Squared that showcase the  breathtaking beauty of the sea at sunset. I’m obsessed with them and how they make me feel when I’m looking at them. The beautiful white frames make them look even more elegant.

You can see more of these breathtaking nature prints and frames at liksquared.com.

Look around and fill empty spaces with plants

Fill your surroundings with gorgeous greenery. If you’re a serial plant killer, maybe go for something fake. There is nothing that calms a place up more than greenery. While bare space is totally okay, I’d look at where there are spots in your home that feel too cold and look into what plants would make the most cents. I found this guide to plant types particularly helpful.

Get out those candles/diffuser/incense 

It’s such a simple thing, but the act of lighting a candle can instantly put you in a calm mindset. I know some writers who will light a candle and put themselves in the zone before they write. To me, this feels so cozy and romantic like you’re setting the mood for yourself. I start my morning by picking a scent and turning on my essential oil diffuser. Scents are a big part of setting the scene. Make sure you’re setting a relaxing one for yourself. It takes such minimal effort, but it makes a difference.

Create a relaxation corner

This calls for lots of pillows and blankets. Whether you meditate there or read a book, make yourself a corner for relaxing and be sure to actually utilize this space. Make it visually pleasing and maybe even place fairy lights around it. You could even add a stack of your favorite coffee table books and magazines.

Curate for convenience

Designing your space for simplicity means making it fit your daily needs in the most practical ways. This could mean displaying affirmations that you need to see each day or putting out your workout clothes so you don’t forget them. Don’t get too caught up in ascetics that you forget to make things convenient for yourself.

Decorate with significant trinkets

Along with my love for artwork that makes me happy, trinkets that have meaning are essential for my home. While I’m working to be a minimalist and I don’t love pointless stuff, I do love trinkets from travels and other significant events. When something can remind you of another person or special time in your life, it deserves a place of honor in your home.

Have a peaceful day or evening, friends!

how to add hygge to your small home

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