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5 Questions with Joanna Waterfall of The Yellow Conference

Joanna Waterfall is the creator behind the Yellow Conference, a conference with a mission of “helping creative, entrepreneurial women become agents of good.” She is one of our role models; someone who inspires us often through her emails and everything she creates online.

We hope you enjoy this rapid-fire style interview of five questions with Joanna Waterfall.

1. What are the first few steps to take after you have a big idea for a business?

Write out what you need, write out how much that costs, then figure out how you’re going to fund it. Consistently be writing out lists then just keep crossing the things off. Don’t focus on the big picture, take it one step at a time and the big picture will complete itself. :)

2. What does your morning routine and evening routine look like?

In the mornings I can’t function without my coffee, so naturally it’s the first thing I make. I turn on my diffuser after choosing a scent I want to smell that day and do my Headspace meditation. After that I normally make myself some breakfast and do some quiet reading. After I’ve had my morning time to myself I get to work!

The evenings are a bit all over the place depending on the day. On an ideal evening I make dinner for my husband and I, we eat together, maybe read a bit or watch a show then head to bed.

3. What are three things that inspire you and three things that make you feel confident/powerful?

Things that inspire me:

1. When a woman knows who she is and is unapologetically leaning in hard to her skills and strengths

2. A good movie score

3. An epiphany

Things that make me feel confident:

1. A good workout

2. Affirmations from someone I respect

3. A good hair day

4. What are a few things that people don’t know about running a conference or event that you think they should?

That it’s a ton of work for not a ton of money. Don’t go into the conference world if you’re looking to make a lot of dough. It’s really hard!

5. What is something that you’ve been pondering lately?

How to embrace chaos.


You can find Joanna at The Yellow Conference and on Instagram and at The Yellow Room.

This is the first in the series “5 questions with…” where we ask our favorite boss ladies five questions to get to know them a little better and add a dose of inspiration to your day.  Stay tuned! 

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