5 Questions With Garrett Wood, Fitness Instructor And Author

We’re excited to introduce you to Garrett Wood today. She’s a wellness babe–a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor and the co-owner and coach at Crossroads of Fitness. She recently released her first self-published novel, Dare to Move about the highs and lows of life in your twenties. We asked Garrett to share her self-care tips, her morning and evening routines, best ways to find motivation, how to find a career you love and the personal rules she chooses to live by.

What are you favorite ways to take care of yourself?

The most important thing for me physically and mentally is an early bedtime and an early wake-up time. After I get my 7-8 hours of sleep, my next two favorite ways to take care of myself are strength training and writing. I can’t have one without the other. I draw confidence from the way my body moves and performs and feel best when I feel strong. As for journaling, blogging or book writing, it’s a mental, introspective exercise for me that empowers self-discovery, ensures mental clarity and releases stress.

What does your morning and evening routine look like?

At night I like to step away from my computer, think about my “thought of the day” for Barry’s Bootcamp morning classes that I teach, and relax on the couch with my boyfriend. Most nights I listen to the MoveWith app’s meditation classes to feel more grounded.

In the morning I wake up at 3:30am (Yes! For the last few years, I wake up at this time almost every weekday), boil water, take my supplements and then start writing while the coffee steeps in the French press. Upon pouring the coffee, I sift through my most pressing emails and then begin writing the Barry’s Bootcamp workout. By 4am, I scroll through my Instagram feed or go back to writing and then from 4:15am to 4:30am I get dressed for teaching. Ready to rock! It’s like clockwork! My routine is very grounding for me.

What are your top tips for motivation and getting a lot done in the day?

Have a routine that you love— focus not on things you think you HAVE to include but rather all the things you WANT to do! Make sure it’s comfortable and realistic. You won’t write in a noisy apartment; you won’t sleep in if your neighbors are loud; you won’t go to the gym if it’s a 45-minute drive. Be honest with yourself and consistent in your actions.

What’s your biggest advice for millennials that are looking to find a career they love?

Follow your heart. Chances are you have a job that you don’t really love (most of us can’t wait around jobless ‘til we find the right one!), so while you tinker away at your non-favorite job, DREAM BIG! Research! The sky is literally the limit. As you research, see what small steps you can take towards your SKY HIGH job. In a month you’ll be MORE qualified, in a year, even closer, and eventually, you’ll be the right candidate (even your own boss!)

What are some of your personal “rules” that you choose not to break?

Never give up. When I set my mind to something, I speak about it freely with everyone I know. I talk about the struggle, I enjoy the hurdles, and I never let myself give up on something I know eventually will be within reach. It’s all about believing! I also try really hard to eat veggies every day because, ya know, they are important for us humans to thrive! Also, honesty is always the best policy. I’d be flattered and proud to be called Honest Abe.

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