15 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Feel Better

It can be a cruel world out there. Almost everyone’s wearing a mask in order to be loved and be accepted. But regardless of what’s going on with other people and in the world, it’s important to be kind, not just to others, but to yourself. After all, you’re the only one who has all the power over yourself.

If you’re thinking that no one dares to be kind to you, always remember that there will always be someone who will understand you no matter what: you.

Here are 15 simple things that you can do to be kind and to treat yourself better.

1. Write encouraging words for yourself

Have a journal for yourself. Record all the good things that happened to you on a certain day. In this journal, stay away from taking note of the sad experiences, just focus on the good. Every time you get to be disappointed with what the universe is giving to you, read the journal to remind you that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

2. Cut or color your hair with any style you want

Now is a good time for you to get that hairstyle that you really like. It doesn’t matter if other people won’t like it or you’ll be criticized for it. It’s your life, anyway.

3. Watch your favorite movie alone

So what if you will re-watch that old chick flicks? So what if you’ll sing along with Sandy and Danny’s Summer Nights? Old movies make you remember your childhood and all the happiness that you had while growing up.

4. Buy your idol’s merchandise

Let’s admit it, almost every one of us is a fan of someone. Buy the newest album of your favorite artist or purchase that t-shirt to rep them.

5. Re-connect with your old friends

Reminiscing is such a good feeling. Now because of social media, it’s easier than ever for us to talk with our childhood friends. Message your oldest best friend and ask if it’s okay for the two of you to meet up for lunch.

6. Call your siblings randomly

It doesn’t matter if you were much like Tom and Jerry when you were still kids. What matters right now is that you are close with your siblings.

Siblings are few of the most loyal friends you’ll ever have in your life. They might be the worst when it comes to criticizing you, but always remember that they’re just doing that for your own good, unless you have Cinderella’s evil step-sisters as siblings.

7. Get rid of your gadgets for a day

A study says that smartphones can increase stress levels. There’s likely never a day that you’re not holding your phone. Do yourself a favor and consider going phoneless for a day. Have a quiet life away from your screens every once in a while.

8. Brainstom a solution to your problems

Find the root of what’s not making you feel good. If it’s your living environment, start preparing your moving checklist and if possible, find yourself to a new place to stay. Stress can be found in your environment. It might be your annoying neighbor or your roommate. Figure out how you can move forward and leave negativity behind you, whatever that means for your situation.

9. Sleep earlier than usual

Getting enough sleep can help reduce stress. Before you sleep, try to clear your mind first, maybe through meditation, and get rid of all those nagging problems so that you will be able to sleep with ease even just for a night.

10. Take a well-deserved break

After all the tasks that you’ve finished, it’s great to make time for yourself. If you can, plan a trip.

11. Stop comparing yourself to others

There are things that you can do but your contemporaries couldn’t do. That’s how fair life. If you think that other people are better than you, you need to have a new outlook in life.

12. Listen to your favorite songs

You want to listen to those 90’s songs? Or you want to rock your inner Swiftie or Arianator? You can do anything you want. If you think you’re too old, just remember that you’ll get older if you’ll just let your stress ruin you.

13. Have a mantra in life

Based on a study, when you repeat a mantra, it could eliminate your stress bit by bit. One mantra idea is “relax, release, ease.” If you feel like you’re stressed out already, just repeat that mantra. Sometimes, you need to cheer yourself up to be okay.

14. Spend time by yourself

It’s okay to make time for yourself. When you’re alone, you can truly relax and rest. It’ll allow you the chance to be with your inner self and whenever you feel like you’re stuck it’s much easier for you to know your way out.

15. Re-read the book that once inspired you

Books could feed your soul without even trying. If you have a favorite book that you haven’t re-read yet, grab every chance you have to read it again. Stories that could uplift you can restore your optimistic self.

Give yourself the chance to be able to breathe in a world where everyone seems to be in a hurry and exhausted. We all have our own dark days and all we need to do is to see our own sunshine and rainbows despite the storm and heavy rains. Always remember to be kind to yourself to make yourself better.

The truth is, even before we were born, the purpose that we’ve been seeking has already been bestowed upon us. We’ve been already predestined but it depends upon us whether we’ll take the path that was planned for us. Our answers, our choices, and our decisions still depend on the way we perceive things and if we see the world in the way that we should be, we’ll soon escape from the real cage of life—ourselves.

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