10 Best Mental Health and Therapy Accounts on Instagram

Mental health is so important, and I’m glad it’s now something that is everywhere on the internet.

There’s no longer as much shame around seeing a therapist. In fact, it’s becoming the norm. 

Whether or not you’re struggling right now or even going to therapy, mental health and awareness is so important. It’s the invisible pain that we are more hesitant to address and acknowledge. We all ebb and flow through emotions, and struggle with our coping mechanisms around pain.

I started following and browsing accounts that teach me about mental health. I discovered some amazing feeds along the way. I’m loving all these visual feeds filled with inspiration and thoughtful content that can help us grow and learn about ourselves and others.

Give them a follow if you like what you see! 


From establishing boundaries to explaining what an unhealthy relationship looks like to building positive habits, the millennial therapist covers it all. Sara Kuburić, MA, CCC is a PhD researcher and digital nomad with the goal of raising awareness around mental health. We could all use more strategies and I love Sara’s approach for twenty-somethings looking for guidance.



Talkspace is a digital therapy app that matches you with a therapist online. Virtual therapy is taking off, and I love how Talkspace is making therapy more accessible. They have a curated feed that feels calming and inviting. It’s filled with self-love and positivity, which is what we need like 24/7. Please and thank you.



I’m happy people like Lisa Olivera exist. She’s a thoughtful sharer who explores topics that we should all be thinking about. She talks about how we can hold space for someone, how to practice having a growth mindset and how to change our wording from limited phrases to expansive phrases. She gets very practical, and gives you something to consider that you might not otherwise.




The Angry Therapist has been around for a long time now, but I rediscovered him recently through Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert. He created a massively popular blog, showing how a therapist can be a real human too. He’s transparent and a little vulgar, and I think it’s refreshing in this space where we’ve held unrealistic expectations for professionals, especially therapists.



Do these notes tug at your heartstrings? At the very least, they give you food for thought, which is why I fell in love with the Notes from Your Therapist account. It’s the words that we don’t often say out loud. I find these little notes to be so powerful, especially on our feeds that consists of everyone’s highlight reel. It’s refreshingly honest.



Therapy has long been a practice that has been seen as a non-accessible tool that is for white people. I love Therapy for Black Girls because they’re changing that by creating a place where black women can easily find a therapist through their directory, and feel like this tool is for them too. And not just that, but they’ve built an incredible community. The account is full of conversational questions like “Do you have any advice for dating after a traumatic breakup?” This question has over 300 responses filled with tips.



Alison Seponara, MS, LPC is a licensed therapist and mindfulness teacher with a feed curated with mental health inspiration from around the web. You can probably discover a handful of accounts just through browsing The Anxiety Healer. It’s filled with fun graphics and charts that make you think about your mental health.



the mind geek instagram account for mental health

As a visual learner, I appreciate the way Mind Geek’s Sarah Jane Crosby creates these aesthetically pleasing representations to walk us through mental health struggles, like what not to say to someone who is struggling, the symptoms of trauma and the procrastination cycle. Sarah Jane is a therapist from Ireland, and sprinkles little mental notes scattered across the feed.



I love Minaa’s vibrant feed filled with her beautiful words on how to check in with ourselves. Besides writing content for her feed, she’s also an author and the founder of The Literary Social, an online book and writing club. Her feed makes us think about the reality of the mental health industry. 



Amber Rae is one of my favorite follows on Instagram for self-care and mental health tips. She asks the right questions, and creates fun checklists and journal prompts. She’s an author, artist and speaker with a passion for talking about feelings, well-being and discovery. 

Do you have any accounts to add? What therapy and mental health accounts are you following?


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