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How To Reconnect With Your Business Vision

You started your business for a reason. Here's how to connect back with your dream.

You started your business for a reason, but maybe you’re feeling disconnected from your business vision.

Entrepreneurship is such a beautiful thing – it allows us so much freedom to pursue our dreams. Many of us dream about being an entrepreneur for years (Hi, that’s me) and we choose it, and some of us stumble into it (hi, welcome) and it chooses us.

However you got into entrepreneurship doesn’t matter, it just matters that you’ve arrived here. Yay! Entrepreneurship is a truly amazing avenue to get more of what you want:

  • Impact: Having the opportunity to make a major impact on your customers’ or clients’ lives. The limit of impact does not exist.
  • Time: Having a flexible schedule – one that you get to choose.
  • Passion: Being able to do what you LOVE and what fills your cup up.
  • Money: Getting into a field where you can make as much (or as little) money as you want. The limit does not exist here either.

We start out with the best intentions and (sometimes) a very crystal clear business vision of what we want it to look like…

Maybe it’s sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach getting revenue alerts on your phone from all those automated funnels you have set up…

Maybe it’s the idea of working only in the mornings and spending the afternoon with your beautiful children…

Maybe it’s the number on your paycheck that allows you more financial security…

Maybe it’s building a community of incredible people that you serve and collaborate with.

The reality

The reality is that you started your business for a reason (or multiple reasons) and maybe you’re not experiencing that right now.

When we start our business, it’s easy to fall into the hustle cycle of seemingly never-ending work, being influenced by how everyone else is running their business that we add those strategies into ours and if we are running a little low on revenue, switching things up to bring in the money we need to pay the bills.

Through all of these struggles, it is easy to lose sight of what we truly want for our business and our life.

The vision for your business is so grand and great, but sometimes the reality doesn’t match the original expectations.

Maybe you wanted to create a wave of impact but you’re barely impacting your clients with all the busyness you’ve surrounded yourself with.

Maybe you wanted time freedom and you’re in a business model that relies on you to show up every day to make money.

Maybe you wanted schedule flexibility and now you feel chained to your laptop and phone like you can’t ever really be that flexible.

Maybe you wanted to make those $10k revenue months and you struggle to hit $2k most times.

Maybe you wanted to love what you do every day but you can’t remember the last time you had fun in your business.

Maybe you wanted to be able to be more present and live more life and now all you think about is work.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone… I felt this for years and years and I’ve seen it with almost all of my clients when they come to me.

Take a deep breath. It’s okay… this next section will help you.

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Getting back to your dream business vision

What we really need, is to reignite the vision that pushed you towards this life. Maybe it’s changed, maybe it’s the same. Either way, it’s beautiful, you are worthy of it, and it will happen. We just need to get back to it.

BONUS TIP – If you can, get out of your normal routine for a day (or a week) to reconnect to your heart and think more clearly.

I love doing this by booking an Air BnB for a few days in a nearby city, going on vacation, taking a long nature walk, or just spending an entire day at a vibey coffee shop. The point is that you’re somewhere without work distractions and a place that brings you some inspiration.

1. Reconnect to your OG vision

Take a little time to step back and get in the head and heart space of when you first started your business. What did you want? Get as specific as possible but make it simple.

2. Reflect on your OG vision

Is there any part of your OG vision that is still what you want to employ? Do you want to change some things? Over time, we evolve and our business vision evolves as well, which is a beautiful thing. It’s okay if you don’t want that original business vision but it’s important to think back on it to see if any of it is still applicable. Reconnecting to that initial spark or fire that got us started is such a powerful tool.

3. Create your NEW vision

Okay, now it’s time to take what you LOVE from your OG business vision and create your new one. This vision takes into account any lessons you’ve learned thus far, your evolution as a CEO/Entrepreneur, as well as the expansion of your possibilities and opportunities.

I recommend bringing intention to all the major areas of your business: You (often overlooked), Revenue, Impact, Offering Suite, Operations, Team, Schedule, Craft Mastery, etc. Truly design what you want from scratch.

4. Get clear on where you are now

Now go through each of those major areas of your business and get honest about where you are now in each of them. Note that I used the word honest – it’s only you doing this exercise, you don’t need to share with anyone else unless you want to. By getting clear on where you are now, we can make the next step even more optimized.

5. Bridge the gap with, well, bridges!

You know where you want to go (your new business vision), and you know where you are now (your reality), so let’s bridge the gap between them with strategic bridges! You can call them shifts, projects, goals, whatever you like but I love calling them bridges because we’re building new strategies and systems to close the gap.

It’s important to identify the major bridges (or projects) that need to be built (or completed) to achieve this new vision. Many times I see the first step being in the offering suite OR the team areas of business.

  • Example – Time freedom and you’re in a business model that relies on you to show up every day to make money.
  • Bridge – Create a new Offering Suite with Digital, DIY, or Self Paced options so you can step away when you want.
  • Example – Schedule flexibility and now you feel chained to your laptop and phone like you can’t ever really be that flexible.
  • Bridge – Find a dynamite team member or contractor that can help handle most of the business communication, content posting, lead management, etc.
  • Example – Love what you do every day but you can’t remember the last time you had fun in your business.
  • Bridge – Identify what “fun” looks like and add more to the schedule.

6. Enroll in help, support, or mentorship

You never have to go on this entrepreneurial journey alone. If you want some outside support, help, or mentorship, go for it. It makes this process so much easier to have a guide to help you see what you may not be able to see, have support along the way to keep you motivated and sane, as well as help to handle some of the miscellaneous pieces so you can achieve your new vision faster.

Know that depending on where you are in this journey and how “far” away you may be from your aligned vision, it WILL take some time to get there and it’s worth it. After all, this is why you got into business for yourself – your vision.

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