7 Reasons To Create Minimalist Lifestyle Habits in 2021

What does being a minimalist really entail? And why would you want to choose this lifestyle?

Well, first off, becoming a minimalist doesn’t need to involve living off-grid or giving away all your belongings, but it does require the mentality of less is more.

Minimalism is a lifestyle that involves less whether it’s in terms of home, possessions, or just the way you think, and how you want to live in this capacity is totally up to you. 

As long as you have a desire to get rid of the clutter and create space then you could benefit from a minimalistic lifestyle. Beyond the freedom of more space, imagine the money and savings increase when you’re spending less on “stuff”.

We lived in the UK for five years and at first, I was shocked by how everything was tiny and people weren’t busy. For a while, it felt uncomfortable not being busy. 

I was used to buying things and not spending time with my husband and son. We also, give up the big house for a small house with a big yard! I was happy living with less and building a strong relationship with my family and friends. It’s healthy for your body and mind to live minimally.

inhale exhale minimalist apartment

Here are the seven key benefits of being a minimalist.

1. It improves your mental health.

You are a product of your environment. If your home is messy and cluttered, then so is your mind. Have you ever felt like you couldn’t think clearly – only to realize you are sitting in a messy space? Recently I was having issues focusing only to realize my room was untidy. Once I straighten up the place, the ideas seemed to flow.

2. It helps you focus on what matters.

In life what matters most is the people, you love, family, and friends. When life is coming to an end, it’s rare that people look back and say they loved the Mercedes they had more than anything. It’s more likely you will say things like I wish I spent more time with my children, or I loved the solo hiking trips I would take in the mountains. So, having fewer things to focus on will give you the opportunity to do what is important to you.

3. Your home will be easier to clean.

If you don’t love cleaning your home, this one is for you. Having fewer things to pick up and put away and cleaning, in general, will be done very quickly. The more years you live in your home the more clutter you seem to accumulate. Imagine your car fitting into the garage.

4. There is freedom in owning less stuff.

There is freedom in letting go. In life the more you hold onto things physically and mentally, the more you’re weighted down. Again, this has to do with the visual and mental overwhelm you experience when there is too much cluttered around. You will begin to feel better. Studies have shown that dopamine is released when you are able to let objects go.

5. It improves creativity.

Many times, you lack creativity because you’re just too darn busy. By doing less you’ll, in fact, evoke creativity. You’ll begin to find ways to approach problems, interesting ideas will come. And you will finally have time to implement them. They will no longer be a wish or dream, but your reality.

6. You’ll save money. 

Becoming a minimalist will improve your finances. The American culture puts a lot of emphasis on houses, cars, careers, and other material objects that symbolize wealth. But you will learn that living with less actually means more. You will have more time to contribute to yourself and in turn, give to others. You feel truly alive when you give. Giving is living.

7. Health will become better.

You live in a world today where there is no shortage of stress, and being overwhelmed can cause tremendous problems for health. This year 2020 was one of the biggest pandemics in history and many people didn’t know what to do with themselves as everyone’s lives came to a halt. The stress of staying healthy and employed became a big issue for many. Being a minimalist would have allowed you to still enjoy life, because you would have already been comfortable living with less.

It’s so much easier to start living a happier life in 2021, once you take the pressure off to always be doing and having more.

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