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7 Places to Host Your Next Work Party

Some people dread attending work parties. Perhaps that’s because it seems they’re all the same. Everyone meets up, covers the traditional small-talk topics, has a few happy hour drinks and then goes home. Same-old, same-old.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you could make a point to schedule your next work party somewhere a bit more exciting than the local watering hole. With everyone out of their element, they might just be inclined to come out of their shells, too. It’s a delicate balance to make sure everyone has fun without overdoing it, but it’s possible – and worth it in order to break the ice.

Here are seven places to host your next work party to break out of the daily grind and really have some fun:

On a boat

Guests won’t soon forget the night they took to the open seas – or river or lake. You’ll find many charter boats have it all: appetizers, drinks, dancing and, of course, great views.

In a casino

Luck be a work party: You and your co-workers are sure to bond over the tables and slots at a casino. Just wait until the first person gets on a roll and watch as everyone rallies around him or her to encourage more winnings‑ and maybe a round of drinks. These facilities are often prepped for big-time meetings and banquets, too, so they can accommodate work parties of all sizes.

At the local park

This is on the opposite side of the spectrum, but is still a good time. Ask each participant to bring a snack or drink so you can all picnic in the park. Who couldn’t use a bit of fresh air after spending all day at the office?

In a restaurant with a room

If you don’t feel like cooking your office-party meal, then get a professional to do the legwork. You’re likely to find plenty of local restaurants where you can rent out a room for your entire party, and many also offer set menu deals so the company cost wouldn’t be too steep.

At a grownup arcade

Most cities and even smaller municipalities have grownup arcades on the scene. Here, you and your colleagues can let out your inner children, partaking in games that are actually, genuinely fun. Because they’re tailored to adults, you can probably provide alcohol along with the game tokens.

Inside a spa

This might suit smaller work parties, but it’ll be a location participants won’t soon forget. We all know that spas are relaxing, and hardworking people need the opportunity to find a sense of calm. That’s why the spa is the perfect way to pamper yourselves after a quarter or year of perseverance.

At someone’s house

Do you, your boss or one of your colleagues have a perfect place for throwing parties? If so, open the doors and make it happen. So many people who have attended these types of gatherings find the level of hospitality to be so memorable. Plus, you can better control prices, themes and party times when it’s on someone’s home turf.

Time to Start Planning

With these ideas and your budget in mind, it’s time to start planning the party. The good news is that no matter what location you choose, you’re sure to put something together that’s fun and memorable.

Fun ideas for where to host your next work party or event.

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