Moving Tips: Plan For A Stress-Free Transition Into Your New Home

The joy and excitement of moving house can swiftly turn into dread when you realize the amount of work that needs to be done. 

From sorting belongings to packing boxes and finding a way to transport them; to the often overlooked aspects of moving into a new home such as changing gas, electric, and internet providers. 

There are so many things to consider when moving home that it can often become overwhelming. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time moving or your tenth, the process is never easy. But with the right preparation and an open mind, you can enjoy a more effortless transition from old home to new home. 

Tips for moving house stress-free

Check out these tips to moving house stress free:

Plan ahead

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Remember back to your school days and the stress of cramming for a test last minute? Moving house is the grown-up equivalent. Just because you can wait until the final week, doesn’t mean you should. 

Planning your move weeks in advance (ideally, at least two months prior to move day) will give you enough time to orchestrate all the nitty gritty items on your list.

Start by making a weekly checklist. Week one could be designated to cleaning your house and decluttering. Week two could be sorting and boxing, and so on. 

Stick to your plan and you’ll encounter less bumps on the road – and less stress. 

Organize a charity collection

Any unwanted items or clothing that you no longer wear can be donated straight to charity. 

Make a pile of boxes of all the items to be donated (this could be done during the decluttering stage). From there, you can get in touch with your local charity and organize a pick-up. Most charity organizations now offer a pick-up service so that you don’t have to worry about making return trips to your local donation bin.

The best part about donating old clothing, furniture, and heirlooms to charity? It’s going to a deserving family who will enjoy it just as you did. It also frees up extra space in your new home. 

Get a helping hand

What are friends and family for if not to offer a lending hand?! 

Enlist your nearest and dearest to help make light work of your move. Ask them if they can help with sorting and packing boxes, get your handy uncle who owns the trailer to help transport your furniture to the new home, and round up a bunch of friends to do a last-minute deep clean of your old home.

Make the task fun by turning it into a social thing. Order in pizzas, take happy snaps, and enjoy the moment. Your friends will be able to join in on your excitement and you can relax knowing you have that extra help at your disposal. 

Update your internet

Along with updating your gas and electricity prior to your move, you should also think about your internet.

Although it may not be top of mind when moving house, setting up an internet connection in your new home can be as important as water and gas. You may need to change internet providers when moving or find your better suited to another plan in your new location. It’s well worth looking at your internet deal options.  

If you are looking to switch cable providers, or any other internet connection type, then there is the perception that it can be a painful process. 

The good news is that contrary to perception, moving to a new internet provider is a snap. 


It doesn’t matter how much you plan and prepare, sometimes the very process of moving can be physically and emotionally exhausting. 

Make sure to schedule time to relax. With all the chaos of moving, you might find yourself neglecting your own health and wellbeing. It might sound strange, but adding one ‘rest day’ each week as part of your move checklist will give you time to reframe and refocus. 

Plan a day out or a special evening-in with the kids by ordering take-away and watching movies. Share your excitement and what you’re looking forward to in your new home, and rejoice in the fact that all this stress comes with a great reward.

Take the time to enjoy your next move

Moving to a new home is a reward on its own. But it’s easy to lose sight of this when you’re in the midst of packing. With the never-ending to-do list, you might catch yourself wondering why you’re even moving in the first place! But take a breath and relax. It’s important to realize that moving house is stressful. And the best way to reduce this stress is to plan ahead, be flexible, and to schedule regular breaks to lighten your load and give you time to remember that all of this is worth it! 

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