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How To Land Dream Clients On Repeat With A High-Converting Website

From the moment a dream client lands on your website, the timer starts counting down… 7 seconds is all you’ve got to capture their attention before they hit the “X” button and head on over to your competitor’s site.

So how can you make your website a compelling place for dream clients to stick around? And, most importantly, how can you create a website that compels your dream clients to actually take action and book with you? 

Let’s break down 7 steps to land dream clients on repeat with a high converting website. 

Start with research

This is the part where most marketers will tell you to create an Ideal Client Avatar Profile based on simply brainstorming about your dream client or what you can find out about them from Instagram or wherever they hang out. But here’s why this method of research falls short – it’s completely based on observations, which aren’t always an accurate depiction of what your dream client is actually thinking. 

Instead, you can research differently (and so much more effectively) by talking to your dream clients (yes, actually picking up the phone… or hopping on Zoom!).

Ask them questions to understand what they struggle with in regards to what you offer, as well as what they desire, and what big questions they have for you. From there, document your dream clients’ actual words and start to use them in your website copywriting.

This kind of approach will have your dream clients thinking “How did she get inside my head?!”

Speak to one person

I know it can be tempting to speak to everyone with your website copy, because you don’t want to leave anyone behind when you write. But here’s the thing, when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

Seth Godin says it like this: “Everyone is not your customer.” If everyone isn’t your customer, then why are you trying to attract everyone? Instead, get really specific on who your dream client is and speak directly to that person. 

For example, you might be a social media manager who works with business owners. But what kind of business owners do you work with? New business owners? Established entrepreneurs? 6-figure plus business owners? When you use language that’s too broad, your dream clients won’t know you’re speaking to them.

But when you get really specific and speak to one identity, your dream client will know you’re talking directly to them. 

Communicate a clear transformation

We’ve all heard it said before, “people don’t buy facts and features.” What they buy is the transformation your offer can create for them. So with this in mind, it’s time to ditch the “this is how we do it” lingo and show your client how you can help them move from point A (where they are now) to point B (where they want to be). 

You can do this by creating a Brand Message Statement that sits front and center on your website. In this statement, you want to address the identity (who your dream client is), describe the transformation, and then explain how you do this. 

Here’s an example: I help female entrepreneurs become the no. 1 choice for their dream clients with website copywriting that converts.

The key here is to start with the identity (so your dream client knows they are in the right place) and then paint a picture of the big transformation they want, before telling them how you’re going to do this (with social media management, website design, copywriting, etc). 

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One page, one goal

I know it can be sooooo tempting to try and pack all of the information on one of your website pages… but hold yourself back!

When you stuff a page full of details about different offers and ways you can help your dream client, information overload sets in… which results in a quick click away from your website.

Instead, keep website visitors on your page by presenting information in a clear, structured way. For example, if you are writing the copy for your services page, create one page for each service you offer.

Within that page, include one strong call to action related to that specific service. This will help guide your dream client from website visitor to customer (which is the goal, right?).

Use copywriting formulas

When you last sat down to write the copy for your website, what did that process look like? Did you find yourself taking a sneak peek at your competitor’s site trying to piece together your own copy? Or maybe you found yourself staring at a blinking cursor for hours on end? 

When you use copywriting formulas that are proven to convert, you don’t have to stare at a blinking cursor anymore (granted you’ve started with research!). While there are many different types of formulas that you might use, you will typically want to address a few different touch points before introducing your offer. 

  1. Pain points: What pain points is your dream client experiencing? What does their life currently look like? 
  2. Desires: What does your dream client want their life to look like? What will life look like for your dream client after they’ve experienced your offer?
  3. Your unique method: What process does your client go through when they work with you or take you up on your offer? 
  4. The offer: What does your offer actually include? Outline the facts and features here.
  5. Testimonials: Include social proof and lots of it! 
  6. Next steps and CTA: What does someone need to do next to work with you or purchase your offer? What is the clear call to action?

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of everything you should include when writing your website copy, these are a few elements that you might consider when writing a page that sells your offer, like a services or sales page. 

Pack it with personality

When it comes to copy that actually connects with your dream clients, the last thing you want is to sound like those stuffy emails you used to send in your corporate job… or, worse, your competitor (that’s a sure-fire way to blend in!). 

To ensure you have website copy that’s infused with all of the things that make you YOU, consider words and phrases you actually use (and the ones you don’t!), as well as imagery that people often associate with you (your golden retriever? A glass of red wine? Taco Tuesday?). I recommend making a list of allllll of these things before you even start the website copywriting process. This will allow you to filter your web copy through your brand voice as you write. Let this golden rule guide you: If you wouldn’t say it, ditch it! But if you would, pepper it in! 

Edit, edit edit!

Lastly, practice makes perfect. Even the best copywriters thoroughly edit their work, time and time again. So don’t be surprised if your copy doesn’t flow on the first go… Simply shut down that computer of yours, pour a glass of wine, and take another look tomorrow. You can be your own copywriter and write website copy that lands you dream clients on repeat, you’ve just got to know the rules and put them into practice.

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