Accessibility in Digital Publications: The Story Behind She Rose Magazine

In October 2020, I realized it was time for a change as I reflected on my longtime love of writing.

I had a long and fruitful career as a hairstylist, getting to connect with countless amazing women along the way, and all the while, I dreamed of finding a way to celebrate the beauty and depths from within myself and so many women I had come to know.

Many of us had worked tirelessly to overcome all sorts of odds and create lives we were genuinely proud of and fulfilled in, and so the thought of creating a magazine built from my own ideas along with the stories of many others brought this dream to the forefront of my reality. I wanted to host a platform centered on creative freedom and allowed opportunities for myself and other women to share their creativity authentically.

The goal was to find a way to connect talented women with audiences that would benefit from their work.

And so, this past summer, I took a risk and left my successful hairstyling career of over 20 years to pursue this new dream fully.

When I first launched the magazine, I knew of the barrier that COVID created for small businesses, and especially those who push the envelope in terms of featuring content that expresses the authenticity of its contributors.

The magazine is meant to be an authentic expression of the dreams our women contributors possess, which in many cases includes topics that aren’t always supported by mainstream culture. I knew that I would face potential challenges from various audiences to take on this endeavor, but I also have known in my heart that this magazine is my true calling. So I have refused to waver in my mission to serve my fellow female creators.

We released She Rose Magazine’s first issue, “Dreams,” and I finally saw all my hard work and dreams manifest into a digital magazine this past June.


One of the main reasons I created a digital magazine, as opposed to print, is for the accessibility it offers.

Print is a well-known platform, but it leaves connection and exposure entirely up to chance. Throughout my life, I’ve met countless women who are doing amazing things that only a very small cross-section of people has seen.

The internet provides a solution to that challenge, though as many know, it’s not as easy as just uploading content and trying to build a social media presence. Getting your passion, your work in front of captive audiences who will truly benefit takes something more formalized – and so came the idea of an interactive art, creative, conscious, lifestyle magazine.

The goal of the magazine again is to create a platform that both showcases the work of amazing women and connects them to relevant audiences who share in their interests for the purpose of mutual exposure and inspiration.

Whether we like it or not, we live in a digital world, and using technology to our advantage is what this magazine is about. Using social media resources has broadened the audience and the reach of the contributors, making it very easy to gain connection and accessibility with more people. However, the magazine platform serves as a central point where subscribers and contributors alike can come to expect that they will be seen by the people who matter most – the ones who are like them and looking for what they have to offer!

Because of advancements in the ‘digital era,’ we can evolve what has not previously been possible and create a new future that echoes the desires our collective world shares.

Magazines, podcasts, and digital networks are designing unlimited realms of possibilities, making more of our dreams manifest into our realities.

Then beyond that, having a digital magazine allows for minimalism, convenience, and sustainability/eco-friendliness. Everything is accessible in a moment with a simple URL, username, and password. Subscribers have unlimited access to their issues with zero waste and no space taken up. 

Freedom Focused

At the end of the day, I want to feel like myself in a world that has programmed me to feel otherwise. Being free to express my true nature and sense of self is something I believe most of us long to feel, but with so much pressure from the world at large, we can often find ourselves not only unable to be authentic but sometimes unsure what that even looks like.

Creating this publication was my way of sectioning a “space” in the world where women can convene, share, and be inspired by one another to be reacquainted with their truest selves. We all have dreams that, of course, have come about through life experience, but so often, they go to the wayside out of the necessity to fit in, to play it safe, and to just get by.

In my own growth and maturity, I’ve learned that being myself comes with a cost and isn’t always welcomed by the mainstream; therefore, what we publish in this magazine isn’t for everybody because we encourage a lot of authentic expressions.

That very often includes what has been classified as shameful or taboo. As a result, the support of mainstream resources isn’t always available, one of the big ones being financial. I am aware I could “sell out“ and do what would get me access to that, making a bigger profit for publishing mainstream articles and adding mostly popular public figures, but what matters most to me is being true to my authentic voice and knowing that this magazine will attract the readers who most value and respect that.

I fundamentally believe and have experienced firsthand that when I am doing what I love and am in harmony with what I value, money, and resources flow.

Money is a vital resource to maintaining the business, and we work to find ways to create a profit that also reflects our spiritual trust and the cornerstone values that we offer in the magazine.

We aren’t against big names and influencers, we aren’t entirely opposed to advertising, but we set firm boundaries around ensuring that we make conscious decisions to work with conscious partners. As a result, every step of creating this business has come with ease by staying true to its essence, which is about creative freedom.

We also do not edit our contributors’ work and encourage them to push the boundaries on the topic and theme we are working on. Our intention is to inspire the growth and reflections our readers seek for creating their own dream realities.

Explore She Rose Magazine 

She Rose Magazine is a global digital magazine connecting conscious women with one another and supporting each other’s dreams.

The magazine’s mission is to provide a platform that offers creative freedom, connection, growth, and inspiration for all women. It provides accessibility on multiple fronts and features the art and achievements of incredible women from all walks of life.

She Rose Magazine puts its safe space of authentic expression, connection and alignment with inner truth ahead of revenue, and in turn, the platform continues to blossom and grow. The conscious magazine team built around Candice works to support women rising, women who have chosen to transform their pain into the power to create the life of their dreams.

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