8 Pup-Friendly Winter Activities For You And Your Dog

The winter months can be rough. Everyone tends to go into hibernation mode to avoid the chill of the winter air. Social activities pause, our energy levels tank, and motivation follows suit. For puppy parents, the struggle can be even worse since our four-legged children still need to be entertained! Here is a list of pet-friendly indoor alternatives to replace the park during the snowpocolypse.

Doga (yoga with your dog)

You and your pooch can both benefit greatly from the mindfulness-based form of exercise. We all know the benefits of yoga for humans; increased concentration, better sleep, more flexibility, weight loss, etc. But what about our four-legged friends?

Yoga can help dogs improve their circulation, mellow hyperactivity, and increase their bond with their human parents. Depending on the class and instructor, dogs either participate in yoga moves with their owners, or the dogs are in the room socializing with each other while the humans perform solo yoga moves. Moves can be adapted based on your dog’s size and shape.


This is literally like Girl/Boy Scouts for your dog. PupScouts is a club for dogs and their owners with troops all over the US, and they even have an online troop that participates remotely from all over the world!

What would a club be without uniforms? PupScouts have adorable uniforms to affix badges to, and are even topped off with hats!

They host meetings and events where pups earn badges and sell cookies (wag-along dog treats)! The PupScouts even have an official pledge that promises to help the dog community and make humans smile. It is a great opportunity for parents and pups to bond, make new friends, and have fun.

Pet fashion show

Humans aren’t the only ones stealing the spotlight during fashion week. The animals are getting their big moment during The New York Pet Fashion Show.

The event raises funds for The NYC Mayor’s Alliance for Animals, and is quite the spectacle. The fur-shion models don full couture outfits, some of which cost thousands of dollars! The next show will be in Feb 2018 in NYC!

Animal assisted therapy hospital/care home visits

The bond between animal and human is unparalleled. That is why dogs are perfect to include in therapy sessions. Having pets around can lower blood pressure, decrease depression and improve mood.

In environments like a hospital or care home, it is impossible for patients or residents to bring their furry friends or get a new pet, so visits from pets and their owners are so integral to their exposure to animals.

Go on, make someone’s day and introduce your dog to a new friend! It’s easy to get involved as a volunteer, check out Pet Partners for more info.

Pet friendly amusement parks

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy views of Cinderella’s Castle with your pup? Unfortunately, Disney restricts pet admission to service dogs only, but there are plenty of other amusement parks that you can bring your pup to! While many of these parks’ activities are outdoors, the majority of the parks are located in warmer climates! A few of our favs:

Knobles Amusement Resort (PA): Pet friendly and free!

Dinosaur World (FL, KY, and TX): Dinosaur costumes are encouraged.

Tweetsie Railroad Park (NC): Dogs aren’t allowed on the trains, but they can enjoy the grounds!

Flintstones Bedrock City (AZ): The perfect place to get their yah-bark-dabba-doo on, and is forgiving of any yah-ba-dabba-doo doos.

Check out the full list here.

Musical freestyle

This is a sport that combines dog obedience with dancing. It is a great way to showcase your dog’s talents, and the best party trick you will ever see. Routines are generally three to six minutes, and it’s important to pick a song you won’t get sick of easily, because you will hear it, A LOT. You can even sign up for a competition!

The World Canine Freestyle Organization has been around since 1999 (yes, for real.) Just like ballroom dancing competitions or an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, these competitions involve sequins, tulle, and even some whining, but no catfights will be found here. Do you and your pup have moves? Get involved!

Do a photoshoot with your dog

Even though you already have 176,827,735 photos of your fur baby, an official photoshoot can add a professional quality to your photo collection.

You can go the route of hiring a professional pet photographer, or you can get creative at home and DIY! You can easily make a fancy backdrop by pinning or taping fabric to a wall. You can also get your dog to “smile” by doing some light exercise before the photoshoot!

Here are more tips from the pros to ensure your pet looks more like Tyra Barks on a photo shoot, rather than Pawis Hilton’s mugshot. Yes, you can teach your dog to smize!

So when the weather outside is frightful, fret not and enjoy these fun activities with your furry friend.

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