6 Travel Instagrammers Share Their Favorite Summer Vacation Spots

It’s that summer travel time, and we’re looking for some serious travel inspiration. The wanderlust feeling is real and we’re craving some adventure. Where should we book next? We wanted to know the best places in the world for summer travel, so we asked our favorite travel Instagram girls with all the experience and the best taste.

This is the first in our travel inspiration series with these amazing instagrammers, so stay tuned!

Allie, Allie Round the World, @allicarone

For me, Europe comes alive in the summer time! I love to visit beachy spots like Santorini or Zakynthos in Greece, cultural hubs in Italy like Florence or Venice, Granada or Cordoba in the south of Spain for delicious food and historical experiences, and then go off the beaten track a bit to places like the Albanian Riviera in Albania which is home to stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, or the coast of Montenegro.

Jessica Hoffman, Choosing Chia, @choosingchia

Greece, Italy, Bali, Ibiza, and Croatia
Greece: There’s nothing like Greece in the summer. The islands are incredible and so beautiful to go island hopping and spend time by the ocean!
Italy: Italy has such beautiful weather in the summer and I love being able to throw on a cute sundress and walk everywhere!
Bali: Bali has such a fond place in my heart. I love to spend time there just relaxing, doing yoga and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle there.
Ibiza: Ibiza is the perfect place to go if you are looking for some fun parties! It’s a short flight away if your travelling in Europe so it’s great to even go for a weekend!
Croatia: Croatia is such a beautiful Country to explore. I love the old cities and the beautiful blue waters!

Carolina Berrata, @todayimin

Portugal: It’s my home country and my favorite place to spend the Summer! Hot temperatures, amazing beaches, great food and friendly people – what more can you ask for?

Italy: Anywhere in Italy! From Rome to Tuscany to Positano, beauty is everywhere in Italy. Plus, gelato and pizza, need I say more?

New Zealand: The perfect destination for a long Summer roadtrip. Get a van, grab some surfboards, and cruise along some of the most scenic roads in the world.

Mexico: Tacos, tacos aaand… more tacos! (As well as gorgeous beaches with the clearest water I’ve ever seen.. But tacos).

Maldives: Paradise on Earth. Enough said!

Christine Wheeler, Live Love Run Travel, @liveloveruntravel

Our five favorite summer destinations are Kenya for the Great Migration, the Maldives to relax on the beach, New Zealand for a taste of winter and adventure, Peru to hike Machu Picchu, and Utah for all of the National Parks and hikes.

Aga, @worlderingaround

I love outdoors and adventure, but not always prefer the heat. During summer, I try to escape the crowds and choose the destinations, that are less visited. It also depends on the climate and the weather in the particular location, so I try to adjust my trips accordingly.

Some of the examples of my favorite, less known summer destinations, are Georgia (the country, not the state), Madagascar, Lofoten islands in Norway, Ladakh region in India with Himalayan mountains, and Indonesia.

Jen Lewis, @bronzeandbriny

Mallorca & Menorca because the beaches are simply unbeatable! Those islands are a dream! Next is Berlin which has got to be the best city in the world in summertime. So many open airs and events happening 24/7! Another island that makes the list is Capri as it’s the perfect lux getaway in summer, and a place to see and be seen! Lastly, I would say all of Portugal. The coastline of that country is so beautiful and I feel like the country is made for summer.

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