Why You Need to get Outside this Spring

My all time favorite time of year is spring. I mean it is easy to see why. The sun comes out, the birds start singing, and being outside is the best feeling. It isn’t too hot yet, but its comfortable to stay outside for extended periods of time.

I know that I get seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD. I know it’s kind of a funny name, but it is very real. When I go for months without seeing the sun it will change my mood. I wont realize that I am withdrawing from my friends and life until I see the sun again. When the sun comes back out I will suddenly realize what this lack of sun has done to me!

So I like to take full advantage of soaking up the sun as soon as it appears and I compiled a list of things I like to do when spring rolls around.

Go for a run/walk

The easiest time of the year to be healthy is the Spring. I mean it’s so beautiful outside that it’s comfortable to exercise outdoors. Going for a jog around your neighborhood or on a trail is one of my favorite things to do. But when I don’t feel like running, walking is my second favorite option. It is so relaxing and nice to just be outdoors, with friends or with your thoughts.

Read outside

One of my favorite things to do is read a book outside. Whether it be on a bench or on my own deck in the sun, it is so relaxing. Finding a good book to dive into is a gift in itself and so to be able to listen to the wind and feel the sun just honestly makes the experience better.

Go to a body of water

I know this is a funny sub-title. But any body of water will do. The only thing spring reminds me of is being in the sun and going to the river. At my school we have a big river near by, that everyone likes to go to on the weekends when the sun is out. It is such a fun time! So get out to a body of water, catch those rays and enjoy some company!

Force your friends to go on a park picnic with you

If going swimming isn’t your thing, that’s totally cool. But no one can tell me that eating isn’t their thing. Going to a nice park with some friends and bringing some sandwiches, ice cream and maybe a Frisbee is always a good idea. Just enjoying some quality time with the people you care about will make any day better.

All in all, when Spring comes around, GET OUTDOORS. The time of being a hermit in the warmth of your bed is over! Find some cool outdoor activities to go to in your area! Like street fairs or farmer’s markets are both awesome options! Just get out into the sun and do something!


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