10 Ways Dubsado Can Simplify Your Business

When it comes to growing a successful business, many of us tend to focus on the front end. A stunning website, unique branding, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, the whole shebang. 

However, we all know that if someone were to *actually* look at how we run our business in the backend, they would run the other direction because of the lack of organization (am I right?)

To be able to scale a business, doing less is MORE. And to grow, you need the capacity to focus on CEO-level tasks that move the needle forward. And one of the ways that you can start automating and saving time is using a platform like Dubsado to manage all of your clients. 

If you haven’t heard of Dubsado, it’s a client management platform that allows you to send contracts, invoices, emails, questionnaires — basically everything you need to send over to your clients automatically.

In addition, it offers A TON of room to customize every aspect of your client journey so that it is more streamlined and allows you to give a consistent, unique, and professional experience for all of your clients that keep them coming back for more. 

And having a streamlined client process in place for your backend is the KEY for your overall business growth. Because it doesn’t matter if you have an aesthetically pleasing front end, client experience can make or break the reputation of your business at the end of the day.

And my friends, I definitely want to see you thriving both in the front end and backend of your business!

Allow me to share with you ten ways that Dubsado can simplify your business so you can feel organized and have more time to focus on the tasks that are most important to you:

1. Automate your video calls

Whether you’ve forgotten to send a Zoom link or you’ve gone back and forth to figure out a time to talk to your lead, Dubsado makes it easy to customize and create a scheduler for any appointments. With easy integrations with your email provider and your video conferencing account, appointments are automatically scheduled into your calendar with an auto-generated link that only requires you and your client to show up.

2. Keep track of your expenses

Although Dubsado isn’t built for full-on bookkeeping, you can organize your business expenses. From there, you can connect your Xero or Quickbooks account, so it’s much easier to keep yourself stress-free come tax season!

3. Easy lead capturing

You can ditch using Google spreadsheets to track your leads! Instead, you can use a lead capture form that can be added to your website. Then it makes it super easy to get all the information you need from them to start working with you.

4. Two words – smart fields

Pretty much auto-fill but on steroids. Dubsado allows you to create smart fields for almost everything you need to know about your client, including payment due dates, package details, address, project start date, and end date. You name it. When using smart fields, you no longer need to edit contracts, questionnaires, and emails so that it says your client’s name over and over again. Instead, Dubsado pulls that information through.

5. Client portals for returning clients

This is especially beneficial if you often work with returning clients. With client projects, you’re able to keep email communication, files, contracts, and invoices all in one place. Not only that, but Dubsado also organizes your client’s information based on the projects or programs they’ve previously worked with you on. It’s an excellent way to see all of their things in one hub space, so they don’t have to keep digging in their emails.  

6. Custom branding

This is something that has made me into an even bigger fan of the platform. From white-labeling to customizing your client’s portal and to using code blocking to add your custom fonts, Dubsado offers loads of ways that you can add your personal *spice*. This allows your front end to feel more like an extension of your website and business rather than using a different platform.

7. Automations, automations, automations!

Okay, this was THE reason why I got into Dubsado in the first place (and now why I help clients with it!).

From sending contracts to starting a new workflow to sending emails after an appointment, there are well over 30 ways that you can automate your entire process.

Want your scheduler to go out after they’ve filled out a form? Done. Need to send a questionnaire three days before your first day of working with your client? Also done. Do you want workflows to start based on what they are interested in via their lead capture form? You got it.

If you want to simplify your life and not spend so much time in the backend, then Dubsado will be your best friend. 

8. Getting paid while you sleep 

Gone are the days where you have to send payment reminders to your clients! In Dubsado, you can set up as many payment reminders before and even AFTER the due date. That way, while you’re focused on your business, you’re getting paid in your sleep (and let’s not mention you never have to send an awkward, “Hey, I need you to please pay me” email again).

9. Customize your invoicing & payment plans

What I love about this feature is that you’re able to make a lot of editing to the invoice as you go. Now that Dubsado has released a new version of their payment schedule (now called payment plans), you can create a payment schedule and send  out the invoice automatically. Or select ‘TBD’ and select the date when a specific payment is due when you have a better idea! Plus, you’re also able to create recurring payments, so you don’t need to remember to develop invoices every single month! 

10. Never forget a follow-up again

This is actually a *secret* step that I love implementing for my clients. You can set up a follow-up process, so you don’t have to remember to follow up with clients.

Whether that’s through sending a proposal with an expiration date or sending an email when a specific form isn’t completed after a few days, you can easily have emails automated to remind your clients to follow up whether or not they’re still interested in working with you! 

I’d love to know! Have you heard of Dubsado? Which of these features gets you most excited about getting started with it? 

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