How To Tap Into Your Intuition To Create A More Aligned Life

Intuition is the voice within that directs you toward the next right thing. It protects you from harm and is the signpost guiding you to a better life experience. Intuition whispers. It will manifest in the body: the niggle, hair raising, sweat, chills, etc. Intuition is your inner being, God, taking care of you. You merely have to connect with it.

You are required to slow the pace and quiet your mind in order to hear and feel the message. This is why people in Blue Zones live longer. They live a slow life filled with spirituality, family, community and hospitality. They have found the secret to purposeful living which, consequently, offers a longer lifespan than the rest of the world. Staying plugged into The Divine and following the promptings reap more benefits than you know. 

Everyone has the capacity for an aligned life. Humans were created to always be connected. We all forgot how. There are a few concrete means to tap into your inner voice:

1. Slow the pace and practice mindfulness

Adopting a spiritual practice, especially at the start of each day, will set you up for connecting with your higher power. This can include meditation, journaling, prayer, affirmations, and connecting with nature. This does not have to be forced or formal. Merely acknowledge Spirit and ask to stay plugged in all day, for direction, etc.

Maintain a slower pace throughout the day. Don’t jump into conversations. Ask yourself what your body needs to fuel it this day. Make decisions based upon how your body feels when you ask it questions. When you have physical sensations, question them.

2. Engage in extreme self-care. 

Extreme self-care means more than an hour at the gym or getting your nails done. Yes, these are important. A massage is always welcome. You need to know what you need in all circumstances which comes from #1. This is the action you take. It means engaging with people who bring value to your life. Do you need a spiritual guide or therapist? Take time to walk the beach alone. Read a good book. Engage in uplifting conversations with friends, etc. 

3. Make your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

Declining invitations, especially from family, can ruffle feathers. Only do what is absolutely unavoidable in cases where you are in the company of toxic or unhealthy people. Try new groups or meetups that have activities that fill you up. Say yes to that invitation to dinner. Say no to a weekend with friends who constantly gossip. 

Doing the above few things will evoke a sense of self-trust. Your body and your emotions will rely on you to take care of them. In turn, you will begin to trust your body and the physical sensations you will receive in order to make intuition-based decisions for your life.  You will hear the whispers of God within and act upon it.

In today’s climate, people often forget to slow down. They put everyone else before themselves. Jumping off the perpetual treadmill will offer a peaceful, longer, healthier life. Slowing down, quieting our minds, and really listening will unlock your intuitive powers. Love yourself enough to tap in. God is waiting to tell you how amazing you are. Spirit is ready to whisper directions to a life you cannot imagine. This is the life for which you were created where you live your dreams and share them with the people you love. Living intuitively is crazy like that.

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