5 Powerful Tips For Structuring Your Goal Accountability System

Do you have trouble committing to complete your life goals? You are not alone – goal accountability can be tough.

Just because we spend the time crafting fantastic vision-aligned goals does not mean that it will be easy to put them into action and stick to them. We need to work hard to make sure we keep completing the actions we need to build our dream lives.

It is not uncommon for us to start a new year with good intentions, great goals, or new year’s resolutions. Then, by the time we get to February, things can look different…

It is not uncommon for us to find excuses as to why we can’t complete those slightly difficult actions that will move us forward. Or, take the easy option out (hello – couch, TV, and chocolate).

There are many reasons why achieving our goals is hard. There are many reasons that can make it hard to show up for ourselves.

So, to set ourselves up for success – it is important that we set up the perfect structure for goal accountability.  

Putting a great accountability structure in place will ensure we can stay on track and moving forward toward the person we want to be.

Here are some tips to hold yourself accountable for your goals so you can keep crushing your dreams.

1. Share for confidence and accountability

There is data that both supports and discourages us from sharing our goals. The great benefit of sharing your goals is to create an answerable system that will keep you feeling accountable. 

The key is to share your goals in a way that will build your confidence. So who you share your goals with is important. 

When you share your goals make sure it is with the cheerleaders in your life. Stay away from those negative nellies that might plant seeds of doubt.

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2. Get an accountability partner

Having someone in your life keep you accountable to your goals is great a great way to stay on top of things. A good accountability partner can offer you both encouragement and guidance. 

An accountability partner may be a professional relationship, like a coach or maybe a helpful friend. But remember – not all accountability partners are created equally. 

Whoever you are working with – make sure that you can rely on them to find time for you and that their style of encouragement will keep you accountable (no pushovers allowed). 

3. Use an app for goal accountability 

If you would like an accountability partner that lives in your pocket and gives you constant reminders to stay on top of your actions – then a goal app is a great way to go. 

Apps are a great way to keep yourself accountable – whatever your goals are. Take a look around at the options that will work best for you, your goals, and the accountability support that you need. There is bound to be the perfect app out there for you.

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4. Write your goals down for accountability

Writing down your goals is a great way to solidify what you want to achieve.

There are lots of different options that might work for you. You may prefer a journal, vision board, checklist, planners, a project management tool like ClickUp or calendars. The key is to have the list somewhere that you will see and keep your actions front of mind.

Personally, I love a checklist. There is nothing better for me than ticking off one of my daily goals! I also find that having all my actions written down in a neat list reduces my stress levels and makes a huge difference to my confidence levels and in my ability to achieve my goals.

Writing down dates against your goals also gives you extra help to achieve your goals. The commitment of having your goal actions set out in a planner or calendar is a great way to stay accountable to yourself.

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5. Utilize a group of people to keep yourself accountable

Finding a community or group of people to support your goals is a great way to keep yourself on track.

The group can be formal or casual. The people within the group can have similar or different goals. The key is to be part of a group that can offer you encouragement and support. 

An awesome option for this is The Life Goals Collective Club.

Come join us in supporting each other with our weekly goals. Whatever they are – wherever you are from – this is a fabulous group of like-minded people supporting each other to reach our dreams.

If you are wondering which one of these will help you with goal accountability – try all of them! 

Keeping accountable to your goals is a lot like your goals themselves. It’s different for everybody.  What works for you might also change over time and depend on the kind of goals you are working on.

So, I encourage you to keep trying different approaches until you find one that works for you. You deserve to reach your dreams and you can crush your life goals when you stay accountable to them.

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