Stop Postponing Your Travel Dreams: Make Every Moment Count

Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime. – Mark Twain

Traveling is much more than going from one place to another, it can significantly contribute to one’s personal development. After all, all the good memories start at the end of our comfort zone. By traveling, we are discovering new things, hearing (and perhaps even learning) new languages, getting to know new people and finding out about different cultures. Even the distance from our friends and family is contributing to making us wiser, stronger and able to take on any future challenges.

There are many reasons why people are renouncing or postponing travels and one of them is money, but the truth is, that no matter how many money we spend on our travels, they always make us richer, so we should build our plans around our future adventures.

Take a Leap

The most difficult obstacle you have in life is yourself, and if you can beat yourself and your worries, everything else will work out just fine. Have you ever said or thought “I would love to see Paris from the Eiffel Tower”, in a dreamy tone as if that is never going to happen? Why not?

Instead of making one excuse after another, you should be aware that you have only one life to live, and there are thousands of things to see. So, invest the time you are spending on daydreaming in planning ways to actually go and see Paris, and you will see just how easy it is to come up with creative ideas.

Consider the Benefits

I have already mentioned a number of benefits you can get from traveling, but try to sit down and truly think about everything you will get by embarking in new adventures. Yes, maybe you will not be able to buy designer clothes or that new shelf you wanted, but experiences are far more valuable than things. And that is one thing I have learned while traveling – how much some stuff are not essential for a comfortable and happy life.

In new countries, you can learn how to deal with uncomfortable and difficult situations and take care of yourself. New cultures and awareness of the course of history will open your mind and expand your horizons.

Money Is Not a Problem

Ok, this might sound silly, and money or the lack of it is often a problem, but there is a solution for every problem. So, three things you can do are to create new income, get support or reduce expenses.

I, for instance, have combined the first and the last one in order to go somewhere where I can relax and unwind. I have found a short-term additional employment to save some money, and chosen to travel off-season in November to reduce travel expenses. As it turned out New Caledonia travel agency had some neat discounts and great offer for that period. I had a great time, ideal rest, and overall, fantastic experience, so it was well-worth the money and effort.

Could Time Be a Problem?

If you have a long-term employment or some other important commitment, time could be an issue for you. Still, you can try to solve that by communicating your need to travel to your boss, finding a loyal friend to take care of your house chores, etc. You could also, ditch the whole thing, and decide to take a freelance job, travel the entire world and get paid for doing that – the best job ever.

Write down all the excuses you have and then tear that paper into millions of tiny pieces, because nothing should stop you from chasing your dreams and becoming a better version of yourself. Bon voyage!

How to make your traveling dreams a reality and stop with the excuses.

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