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How To Do Self-Care Like The LA Cool Girl

The LA Cool Girl embraces all aspects of her personality, including the little quirks that you can’t help but love. Even though she’s probably running late (bc traffic) and walks in with an overpriced coffee, the LA Cool Girl shows up as the best version of herself. And surprises you with your favorite latte, too. She’s effortlessly cool and makes you feel good about who you are. Her secret? She’s a master of self-care.

While the LA Cool Girl aesthetic was introduced on my TikTok in May 2022, her carefree nature and go-with-the-flow lifestyle can be adopted by anyone.

The most important component is simply celebrating who you are. She doesn’t need to be the loudest or draw any attention herself — but she’s often the most confident. In fact, she can be quite reserved, taking in everything around her with a curious nature.

During my career in the entertainment industry, I noticed that many celebrities immediately shift their energy when they walk into a room. Working so closely with them on shows, I learned that they turn their charisma “on” and “off” depending on the setting. This requires a lot of recharging behind-the-scenes, so they can truly shine in the public eye.

The LA Cool Girl leads with this same strong sense of self. Others naturally gravitate toward her good energy. The LA Cool Girl doesn’t need to be a celebrity to feel like one. She celebrates every aspect of her life and inspires others to do the same. The key is knowing how to recharge. She attributes her effortless coolness to the self-care practices she does behind the scenes.

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1. The LA Cool Girl doesn’t immediately say “yes” to plans.

It’s so easy to feel excited about making plans in the moment, but no one wants to cancel at the last minute. The LA Cool Girl looks for ways to create balance between her work, home and social life. She’s careful to consider what gives her energy and what depletes it. She thrives in intimate gatherings or parties with close friends, but large events with too much small talk will easily exhaust her.

With those factors in mind, she’s just upfront if she’s not able to make it — but thankful for the invite. People always appreciate her honesty! Sometimes the best self care is staying home, ordering PostMates, and watching an early 2000’s rom-com. Instead of FOMO, she knows there will always be other opportunities to bring her best energy without taking on too much.

2. The LA Cool Girl brings the vibe anywhere she goes.

There is certainly a time and place to “go all out” when it comes to self-expression. The LA Cool Girl may be over the top with her style choices at times, or even a little extra when throwing a Euphoria-themed house party with her bestie.

When it comes to the day-to-day, she’s pretty chill. She finds joy in the little moments — like lighting palo santo, doing a 10-min yoga stretch, or a quick meditation here and there. If she forgets, it’s no sweat. 

She savors her energy as an act of self-care and doesn’t get too concerned with always looking “put together.” No makeup, a baseball hat, and sweatpants is a fully acceptable daytime look. Whether she’s on her morning walk or working from a coffee shop, she’ll stop to pet every dog, smile at a baby, and ask the barista how he’s doing. She brings the vibe anywhere she goes.

3. The LA Cool Girl gets extra sleep and plenty of rest.

The LA Cool Girl makes it a point to be present when she’s with people. She’s not consumed by her phone or lost in her own thoughts. She loves to have deep conversations, really get to know people, and dive into creative projects. Especially as someone who gets bursts of energy when she’s excited about something, she feels her best when she’s well-rested.

She practices self-care by taking it easy without being overly productive. Especially on weekends, it feels great to keep the days open-ended. She gives herself permission to just watch Netflix, clean her apartment, or run to CVS for the makeup wipes she forgot to order from Amazon. The LA Cool Girl gives her body what it needs. She doesn’t feel guilty about sleeping in or “not getting everything done!”

For the LA Cool Girl, putting time and effort into self care is always worth it. Making her life feel fun and free is thanks to these few simple steps that greatly contribute to her happiness. She encourages everyone to be themselves and never misses an opportunity to recharge. Showing up with good vibes and great energy is always her thing.

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