With the self-care hype in full bloom, we figured you might want some inspiration from Instagram accounts that will ignite your love for self-care. Spending time with yourself reading a book or taking a bath are some lovely examples of things we enjoy but sometimes we forget to take the time for all that. We put our careers or family first and we forget to take the time to love and cherish ourselves. Sometimes we need a little extra inspiration to pick up the self-care pace.

Below is a list of Instagrams that I find relatable and inspirational for encouraging us all to a little more self-care and love into your daily routines and lifestyles.


The way life should be.

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I randomly stumbled across Annah Todd’s Instagram page and fell in love with the serenity I felt while browsing through her feed. She makes you feel inspired to take that much needed vacation, enjoy the little things, and longing to head straight for the ocean. This part in her bio describes her theme perfectly: skiing, fashion, architecture, sailing, horses. That’s pretty much what you can expect from her feed and I dig it.

This is an obvious one, but Lauren Conrad exudes a lifestyle of self-care. She posts photos of drinks, food, dogs, and followers. All the things that make you feel good after a hard day at work. We could all use her as some inspiration to put a little extra care into our evening routines.



I discovered Les on one of my favorite Twitter chats and reached out to her immediately, because I knew I needed to collaborate with her. She’s amazing and she has an Instagram feed that makes me want to self-care every minute of the day. It’s a delight. She is relatable, but still inspirational and that’s what I love most in an Instagram feed.


I am wild about Zie. She’s a lovely person and her feed is all about self-care. Her Instagram is my all-time favorite to look at daily. Always beautiful and delightful. I love the realness that she radiates. I also love her on Snapchat. And her blog. And just everything she does.


I adore The Everygirl, of which Danielle Moss cofounded, and so it’s no surprise that she makes this list of inspiring Instagrams for self-care. (The Everygirl is also on our list of best mindfulness blogs to follow.) Her feed reminds you to take breaks and truly enjoy life. Take that vacation already, won’t you?


I talk about her all the time, but I had to mention my friend Catherine in this department. She’s a self-care queen and her Instagram exudes serenity and simplicity. She gives great book recommendations, shares what she’s been exploring, etc. You’ll feel an instant calmness looking at her feed, guaranteed.


This beautiful couple show photos of travel, fashion, and their beautiful lifestyle. Besides the obvious inspiration of their beautiful life that they document through photos, I love the sweetness and positivity behind the feed.

We all scream for 🍦

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If you’re not already familiar with the ever-so-popular Estee Lalonde, she’s a very successful lifestyle YouTuber living in London. I’m not convinced that anyone does self-care better than Estée. Her feed is full of self-care goals and inspiration. What makes her different, to me at least, is that she’s relatable while being successful. She’s a fun one to follow on all accounts.


The other YouTuber who comes to mind when I think of self-care is Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup on YouTube. She’s all about cooking, mindfulness, beauty, and living a balanced lifestyle. She’s one of the most inspiring people I can think of on the Internet and lives the closest to the lifestyle I’d actually desire to live. So, she’s definitely one for daily self-care Inspiration on Instagram (and everywhere else.)

I hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to add to it in the comments below! We’re always looking for new self-care inspiration. 

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