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7 Self-Care Ideas Designed For High Achievers

Use your multi-tasking superpower to relax while still feeling productive

Welcome high achievers, goal-getters and dreamers of the world.

While you already know about the concept of self-care, it might not yet be your highest priority.

I know, it’s not second nature for you to slow down or to make time for rest. But before you set yourself another goal or end up burnt out, take a few minutes to read these easy self-care tips that can really make a difference in your well-being.

Now, you’re probably not looking for ideas like taking a bath or grounding in nature. As a high achiever, you even want your downtime to be productive. I completely get it!

Here are seven ideas to allow you to take care with ease. 

1. Listen to subliminal audio while you sleep

While sleeping has a myriad of benefits, many high achievers feel it’s the first thing to sacrifice in order to squeeze out the most of their waking hours.

If you struggle with getting enough sleep, because it isn’t time that is “productive”, this is a great self-care tip to make you happily get under the covers. Listening to subliminal audios while you sleep will make your nights, not only be restful but also fruitful.

Subliminal audio tracks can be played throughout the night to sink positive and empowering affirmations into your subconscious mind, so you’re taking care without any extra effort.

2. Try the left-nostril breathing technique

Many of us high achievers are often found in the fight or flight state going throughout the day from task to task. (What a rush checking off those to-do’s, am I right?) So this self-care tip is a quick and easy way to create more calm within your body using a simple breathing technique.

By blocking your right nostril and taking deep breaths solely through your left nostril, you are sending a signal to your body to activate a response for rest and relaxation. Within only a five-minute break, you will start to feel more calm and balanced as the parasympathetic nervous system is now taking charge.

3. Add adaptogens to your morning coffee

This one’s another easy self-care tip to implement, since drinking coffee is likely already a part of your routine. Adaptogens are natural herbs and mushrooms that help your body better adapt to external stressors.

Adding a simple teaspoon to your daily morning coffee is enough to feel the benefits of calm. The most common adaptogens out there are ashwagandha and reishi that are proven to really help you build resilience to the stress that you might feel as a high achiever. 

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4. Unplug from your screen and get creative

Whatever happened to having a hobby just for fun? As a high achiever, you might not see the point in putting together a puzzle if there is no real end goal; but hear me out.

Unplugging from your screen, even if only for an afternoon, has multiple benefits. It helps to relax your nervous system by staying away from the blue light of your screens.

In addition, by allowing your brain to step away from the over-stimulation, you’re allowing the space for creative ideas to come flowing through. If puzzles aren’t your thing, try painting, macramé, gardening, or anything to get your hands messy and feel into your body. Go ahead and let your inner child play!

5. Schedule time for yourself in advance

Let’s put it this way: you wouldn’t cancel a meeting with your clients, right? Then, think of yourself as your most important client and schedule regular meetings to check in with yourself.

As a high achiever myself, I have a color-coded agenda to keep myself organized and balancing life and work. Just by a quick scan of my calendar, I can make sure to dedicate as much time to my business as there is time for personal growth and self-care. When you show up for yourself and fill up your own cup, you can then truly show up for others.

Make it even easier on yourself and set calendar reminders, so breaks and “me-time” become second nature.

6. Celebrate yourself often

As a high achiever, chances are that you move quickly to your next goal while you’re still accomplishing the one in front of you. But by constantly living in the future and anticipating your next win or big launch, you’re inevitably neglecting your present self. That’s a major issue that can lead to burnout if not taken into consideration.

Allow yourself ample time to celebrate, plan for days off after busy projects come to fruition, and bask in your wins before moving on to the next challenge. Slowing down and celebrating yourself may sound like a simple self-care tip, but because our society glorifies being busy, it is easily overlooked. 

7. Reframe your mindset around self-care

Chances are you’ll always consider self-care as time that you could be “doing something more productive”, because that is very much how we’ve been programmed as high achievers. However, it’s crucial to reframe your mindset around self-care and understand that time spent relaxing and recharging is actually one of the most productive things you can do!

For help in shifting your beliefs around investing in rest: download your copy of the Cocooning Care Package. This free guide is filled with affirmations for self-care, journaling prompts and ideas to treat yourself for those extra overwhelming days.

As high achievers, I can feel you’re already excited to get started implementing these self-care tips into your routines! Which of these will you start with today?

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