Why We’re Trying To Redefine #LifeGoals

If you are frequently on social media, you’ve probably noticed, and maybe even participated in, the viral hashtag #lifegoals. It’s probably most common on Instagram and if you scroll through a trendy influencer’s feed, you’re sure to see at least a dozen comments involving the word “goals”. It’s even become a social activity. People will tag their best friend and write “#goals” when they see a photo that embodies a lifestyle they desire to have.

Here’s the thing. I’m guilty of this as much as the next person. I know that it can feel toxic and I still do it sometimes anyway. Most recently, I’ve been obsessing over Corgi puppies and wanting one of my own so badly. I have felt that #goals vibe so strong, friends.

“That’s what I want my future kids to dress like. #goals”

“I need that puppy in my life. #lifegoals”

“Look at how cute they look together in that million dollar yacht that I’ll probably never afford. But hey, #goals.”

We’ve got #relationshipgoals, #momgoals, #lifegoals, and the simplest and most common of all #goals. But what’s lacking in these hashtags is something healthy that we can do something more with.

The problem with the hashtag goals popularity is that it’s fixating on comparing ourselves to other people’s lives. We sit here on our couches stuffing chips in our mouths wondering why our bodies can’t be like Taylor Swift’s. We think to ourselves, “Ugh, maybe someday I’ll be that fit” and finish the bag of Doritos.

We say, “I want to live a life like that.” But we either don’t realize that we’re capable of it or we don’t want it enough to put the effort in. Probably both. We can sit here and wish wish wish for our lives to be fabulous. But unless we’re taking action and setting realistic goals for ourselves, we just end up feeling lousy about ourselves all the damn time.

What if we let go of the comparison game and really thought about how to make the goals we really want to achieve happen? What if we became our own version of #lifegoals?

I want to make #lifegoals real and feel attainable. It’s what’s inspired this little space on the Internet.

Being the best version of yourself is the ultimate #lifegoal.

Being the best version of yourself means that you’re living healthier, working harder, being more authentic, caring more, loving yourself more. It’s working on living to your potential each and every day.

Working to be your best self means that you’re choosing to live your life intentionally.

It can feel overwhelming to take the steps that are necessary and to overcome that voice in our head that just wants things to stay the same. The first step we can take is realizing that this is what we want. We don’t want to be stagnant. Sure, we’re content where we are, but that’s not enough for us. We want more. We want a #goals life. We want to be #goals.

Okay, so we probably wouldn’t say to other people that we think we’re #goals. But, why the heck not? I don’t know about you, but I want to be my own #goals. That’s impressive as hell.

So, let’s stop thinking that we aren’t capable of extraordinary things. And let’s get workin’.

We all have incredible potential within us. I think deep down we all know that we’re capable of so much more than what we’re doing now. So, let’s get started and let’s keep going. This is the space where you can find motivation, inspiration, and a community of supporters while you’re giving life your all.


Work at being your best self and you’ll have the best life. What’s something you do every day to better yourself? Let’s chat in the comments!

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