4 Ways You Can Position Your Business For Success Through Human Design

The butterflies in your stomach, the sweaty palms, and the pit in your throat that almost hurts when you swallow. You came up with this beyond brilliant business idea, but self-doubt always tends to lurk in the shadows of your subconscious. 

We’ve all been there. 

I know what it’s like to lay awake at night with the burning desire for more residing deep down within your core. Even now, my fears, insecurities, and shadows are still lurking – but after discovering the power of human design, they don’t hold me back anymore. In fact, now they propel me forward. They show me where I need to grow into the woman who has exactly what I desire.

Human design has shown me that yes, I am indeed a completely unique, beautiful snowflake. I have learned so much about myself and the way the world experiences me, and it’s given me visceral clarity about who I came here to be. This kind of unshakeable faith is the anchor of my life and business.

Now, I help high achievers and founders leverage their human design to know, accept and express their unique energetic imprint so they too can grow successful businesses with more clarity, confidence, and conviction than ever before (without burning out!).

Tip 1: Acknowledge your undefined centers

The first step to transcending your fears is to know what they are and where they came from. Here you can grab your own free human design chart. Once you enter your birth information, you’ll see your chart or bodygraph.

There are nine shapes or “centers” and they might be colored in (“defined”) or white (“undefined”). Your undefined centers are like receptors, taking in energy from your environment and the people around you. These centers are where you are most vulnerable to conditioning, pressure, and insecurities. 

Undefined Head: fear around not knowing the answer; pressure to have the answer

Undefined Ajna: fear around not having an opinion or having your opinion challenged; pressure to have an opinion

Undefined Throat: fear that no one will see, hear, or notice you; pressure to attract attention

Undefined G Center: fear that you’ll never figure out who you are or where you’re going; pressure to always know who you are and where you’re going

Undefined Heart: fear that you’ll never be enough; pressure to prove you’re enough

Undefined Sacral: fear that you’re not doing enough; pressure to do more and more

Undefined Spleen: fear that change is unsafe; pressure to hold on and inability to let go

Undefined Solar Plexus: fear that you’ll upset someone; pressure to keep the peace

Undefined Root: fear that you’ll never get everything done; pressure to finish everything 

The pressure and fear from your undefined centers can affect your desires, goals, and commitments if you are not aware of them. Awareness is key! Otherwise, you’ll be working and striving based on the pressure you feel instead of what you actually want. Or worse, your fear will dominate and you won’t take any action at all. 

Let me give you a personal example. My head, G, sacral, and root centers are undefined, so that means I am absorbing energy in those areas every day from my children and partner (who have those centers defined). 

I used to experience pressure to act on every idea (undefined head), which manifested as a lack of focus and confusion for my audience. I used to try hard to have a consistent brand identity in my business (undefined G). This eventually manifested as total analysis paralysis. I used to run myself into the ground and could never do, create, or promote anything until it was absolutely “perfect” (undefined sacral and root). 

With the help of acknowledging my undefined centers, I have a consistent practice to help me observe and release that pressure so I can get back to my true purpose. I also have a sustainable business that feels good for me and serves as a creative outlet that impacts people I truly care about. I also set goals based on what I want and what I know is correct for me and my business. 

Acknowledging those undefined centers will help you to differentiate between feeling the pressure and feeling called from your soul to do what is best for you and your business.

Tip 2: Stop waiting for your big break and show up as a leader

It’s normal to be afraid to speak up and speak out. To share your art, your creations, and your offers with the world. Your mind has so many reasons why you aren’t “ready,” and if you believe it, you’ll never actually be ready.

Instead, you need to know that you are enough right now. You don’t need any more information or healing in order to be you and change lives through the channel of your business.

Stop striving for perfection. Stop waiting for permission. Just lead yourself and your people will follow you.

The woman I strive to embody is not perfection… she is liberation. She is not afraid to be messy or misunderstood. She does not wonder if people like her because she likes her. This is how I lead myself, and this is how I lead others (not through being perfect).

Through a human design lens, everyone has unique leadership strengths, which means that not one person will have the same exact ideas as you and execute them in the same way that you would.

Being a leader is not about looking at your human design chart and wondering if you are one. It is about identifying your leadership style and discovering what archetype you embody in both your life and business. People will begin to trust you when you show up as a leader – someone who is willing to take risks and carries the torch to success.  

So stop waiting for your big break. Choose it. Every single day. 

Tip 3: Lean into your discomfort 

Whenever I had those sweaty palms, red hot cheek moments where tightness would come over my chest, all of the self-doubts would just flood in like a tidal wave. This would often happen when I would join a mastermind or hire a mentor. There was even a point where I stopped joining them because my narrative was “they won’t get me” or “my business is too different, they won’t get it”. 

However, there came a point where the tables turned. I gained the awareness of the story I was telling myself and how misaligned it was from who I truly am. I rewrite my story every time I decide not to run away from or ignore the inevitable discomfort that comes with doing something different. Now I recognize the feelings in my body and observe the thoughts in my head. I honor them and lean into the discomfort I am feeling.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with fear, do not run. Please, lean into it. Believe me, you will be able to tell the difference between danger and discomfort. The discomfort always comes right before the breakthrough. 

Tip 4: Clear your aura

Remember those undefined centers that are picking up on and absorbing energy from your environment all day every day? The energy that sometimes manifests as pressure and insecurity and fear?

You need to clear that! Every single day.

Some of my favorite practices for clearing all that energy and getting back to your core essence:

  • Movement. Whether it’s a walk outside, an easy stretch, or a HIIT workout, get that energy flowing!
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (E. F. T.) or “tapping.” Sometimes referred to as acupuncture without needles, you tap on meridian points on the body while speaking your emotions out loud. It’s an incredibly easy yet powerful practice!
  • Visualization. Get into a meditative state and actually visualize the energy leaving your body.
  • Take a bath/swim in a body of water.
  • Orgasm! This is so effective for releasing energy and giving yourself an amazing reset.

The key with all of these practices is to do them with presence and intention. Begin with the intention of releasing the energy and getting back to yourself… and you will!

Wrapping it up

If you get nothing else from reading this, please get this: fear will always be in the room. Remember that expression, “new level, new devil”? It means that as you face fears, grow, evolve, and see more success, you will be met with new fears and new initiations for growth. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or what you’re doing. It just means you’re human.

But, when you truly, deeply know and accept yourself and your fears, they can no longer control you. You can allow yourself to be led by a deep self-trust and connection to your mission here on Earth. A mission that is simply too big and too important to be held back by fear. When you can move with this fear and even address it, not only will the ground shake beneath your feet, but you will connect with others on a much deeper level because they’ll see that you truly get it.

Human Design is an amazing system that has changed my life in every way. It shows me my true potential and leads me on the road to true presence, awareness, and acceptance. There will be times where self-doubt might sneak into the corners of your mind, but it is your duty to look fear in the eye, and show up for yourself and your business every day. By acknowledging your undefined centers, showing up as a leader, leaning into your discomforts, and clearing your aura, you are on the path towards victory and success for both yourself and your business. 

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